Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Whistler, British Columbia

The meeting was called to order at 7:50 A.M. by Dr. John McVicker, President. He thanked Dr. Homer McClintock for attending the 40th Annual Meeting of the RMNS. Dr. McClintock was a founding member of the Society.

1. Report of the President: Dr. McVicker announced that Drs. Clark, Fullenwider, Sonntag, and Erculi sent regards to the Society as it celebrated its 40th anniversary. Joel MacDonald was thanked for his efforts as local arrangements chairman. Reading of the Minutes: The minutes were read by the membership and approved.

2. Report of the Secretary: Michael Brown requested that members inform him of any changes that need to be made to the Society directory.

3. Report of the Treasurer: Joel MacDonald reported that the Society had no tax liability for 2004 and its status as a 501C organization is intact. There has been some attrition in the membership. The annual meeting will generate additional revenue for the Society, in part due to the fact that a well planned budget for the meeting allowed proper planning for the meeting. The budget for the Whistler meeting is $60,000.00. A five year summary of meeting expenses was presented.

The membership and vendors were thanked for their generous donations to the Resident’s Fund. Just over $2500 was contributed by the members and $1500 was donated by the vendors. The fund stands at over $4000 and will help with travel and honorariums.

The Society presently has 93 active members and 10 associate members. The net worth of the Society is time dependent but the Society treasury is carrying an average balance of $75000.00. Most of the money is in an interest bearing checking account with investments in short term CD’s. Major expenses include website costs of about $1000.00 per year and a cost of ~$1500.00 per year for the news letters.

1. Report of the Executive Committee: The Executive Committee met on Saturday,

June 18, 2005, at the Resort. The 40th Annual Meeting offered as special gifts to Society members a DVD and CD of pictures from previous meetings and Society archives.

The Resident Education Fund will be actively utilized and members were encouraged to donate.

The 2006 meeting will be held June 10-14, 2006 at the Hilton Resort in Sedona, AZ. Dr. McVicker is the local arrangements chairman for the Sedona meeting. The format will differ slightly for the 2006 meeting because of the warmer weather. On Sunday the Scientific Session will be held in the morning with present plans for a trip to the Grand Canyon in the afternoon and evening. On Monday and Tuesday of the meeting the social activities will be held in the morning to take advantage of the cooler morning temperatures. Wednesday’s scientific session will be in the morning.

1. New Business: There will be a change in the spring and fall newsletter schedule.

Fall newsletter will come out September 1 with the initial call for abstracts for the next meeting. There will then be an e-blast around December 1 with an additional call for abstracts. Plans are for a February 1 deadline for abstracts to allow more time for program planning and to meet AANS guidelines. The spring newsletter will be published March 1 with annual meeting information and registration instructions. A final e-blast will go out around May 1 with further updates on the annual meeting.

Exhibitors will be given opportunities to contribute to the Resident’s fund and have opportunities for ad placement at the annual meeting.

MSC: The finalist for the Resident’s Award will receive a $400.00 honorarium and up to $1000.00 in travel expense reimbursement. The three semifinalists will receive a $100.00 honorarium.

A drive for new members will be pursued by the Society. Members will nominate colleagues for member ship and these nominees will be forwarded to the Secretary. The Secretary will then forward membership packets to the nominees for membership. This will add a personal touch to the process.

Discussion was held regarding a proposal for possible merger with the Western Neurosurgical and sentiment was against it. It was felt that the RMNS should maintain its identity as it was initially formed, at least in part, for that reason.

MSC: The Rocky Mountain Neurosurgical Society will cease any further consideration of merger with the Western Neurosurgical Society.

Next, a discussion was held regarding the term of the Vice-President of the Society. The primary responsibility of the Vice-President is to recruit and arrange vendors for the annual meeting. The revenue generated by this process is a major source of income for the meeting. The present term of the Vice-President is one year and there is some sentiment that this hinders a longer term relationship with the vendors which could potentially help to sustain high levels of vendor support more easily. The point was made that the office of Vice-President is a good way for younger members of the Society to become involved in leadership roles. After further discussion regarding other potential options a straw vote was taken and the membership favors maintaining the present term of one year.

Two new member candidates were presented by Mary Kay Gumerlock, representing the Membership Committee.

MSC: J.D. Day and Lyle Leibrock were inducted as members.

Joel MacDonald was nominated by the Society to AANS board member-at-large.

The Nominating Committee, represented by Al Capanna nominated the following members for officers of the Society:

Vice-President: Randy Jensen
President-Elect: Mary Kay Gumerlock

MSC: The nominations are approved by acclamation.

This years Resident’s Award will be presented to Todd McCall for his paper, Cervical Catheter Tip Placement for Intrathecal Baclofen Administration.

There was no further business and the meeting was adjourned at 8:40 A.M.

Respectfully Submitted,
Michael W. Brown, M.D.
Secretary, RMN