Saturday, January 15, 2005

Call to order: President Richard Schmidt called the meeting to order at 2:10PM, Saturday, January 15, 2005. Members present: President Richard Schmidt, President elect John McVicker, Vice President and Membership Chair MaryKay Gumerlock, Treasurer Joel MacDonald, Secretary Michael Brown, At Large Randy Jensen, Program Chair Jonathan White, CME Chair J. Paul Elliot, and immediate past President Vance MacDonald.

Approval of the Minutes of the last Meeting: The minutes of the previous meeting were distributed to the committee members, reviewed, and approved without revision.

Report of the President: Richard Schmidt:

A. The Society was invited to join the Council of State Neurosurgical Societies. Since the Society is not a state society, the invitation will not be pursued.

B. RMNS may participate in the nomination of officers for The Congress of Neurological Surgeons; Dr. Schmidt will send a letter nominating Joel MacDonald for treasurer. Dr. MacDonald asked the committee for support for the position. Also discussed was an opening for member-at-large for the CNS but no suggestions were made.

Report of the Vice President: MaryKay Gumerlock:

2004 Exhibitors: Three written commitments have been received, and four verbal commitments. No contracts have been signed. Exhibitors need information regarding local arrangements and activities. If companies help with the resident education fund they will receive special recognition in the exhibit hall and signage at the barbecue.

Discussion was held on how to expand the base of exhibitors to possibly go outside the medical field.

Report of the Secretary: Michael Brown:

A discussion was held on potential options for the abstracts as opposed to printing as printing incurs significant expense. It was determined by the committee that a program for the annual meeting must be printed, but options such as electronic or CD formats could be explored for future meetings. Joel MacDonald will explore options.

Report of the Treasurer: Joel MacDonald:

The membership numbers are stable although more accurate roster is needed for dues mailing. Allowance will be made for contributions to the resident’s fund which will be tax deductible. Thirteen members have not paid their dues for 2004 and five are substantially in arrears. Discussion ensued regarding status of membership in event of dues non-payment. At the end of one year non-payment member will receive letter. If not paid at two years member will receive letter notifying them of placement on inactive status. The letters will be sent return receipt. A review of the bylaws at this point was presented. Section 3, Article III states member to receive warning letter at two years and if not corrected by the ensuing meeting the member is resigned.

MSC: Members who do not pay dues for three years will be moved to inactive status and will be notified as such. They will continue to receive mailings and may attend meetings at non-member rate. They may return to active status when all dues in arrears are fully paid.

1. Accounts summary presented. Finances are healthy although numbers look bad now since Whistler meeting deposit was larger than usual. Complete summary is available separately.

2. Annual Meeting: We have commitment to 300 room nights at Whistler. All attendees, including vendors should be strongly encouraged to stay on site. Late registration fees discussed and determined they are probably not high enough. The target budget for Whistler is $55-60,000. The combination of the barbecue and dinner banquet will save $15,000. MSC: Members registration will be raised $50 and Non-member registration fees will be raised $100. Senior members will not pay a registration fee but will pay for social activities.

3. Expense Vouchers for Interim Executive Committee Meeting: MSC: Vouchers must be submitted within three months of mid-winter meeting or they will not be reimbursed.

4. Mid-Winter Executive Committee Meeting: Discussion of other potential sites for meeting. The committee will keep expenses of the meeting within reason. The cost of the mid-winter meeting is almost the same every year. The determination of the mid-winter meeting will be left to the discretion of the President and the committee

Report of the Historian: Lee Krauth ( Dr. Krauth was not present due to an excused absence):

• In honor of the 40 th anniversary or the Society a DVD will be prepared and available to the members at no charge. The DVD will be a compilation of previously archived photos. The cost is estimated to be about $3/copy and will be available to the Whistler Meeting attendees. The number of DVD’s needed is estimated to be about 50.

• Dr. Krauth will be asked to give a presentation on the history of the Society at the Whistler Meeting.

Report of the Website Administrator: Dr. Joel MacDonald:

A. Cost: The cost of the website is approximately $1000 per year and is expected to remain at that cost for the next several years.

B. Abstract Submission: Presently authors of scientific papers have a choice regarding use of the website to submit papers. Dr. MacDonald will handle the abstracts again this year but will look into outsourcing in the future for online submission. A motion was made to require all abstracts be submitted online by 2006. The motion was tabled until further research into cost could be completed.

C. Minutes will be posted on the website.
Membership Committee:

Two applications for membership have been received. Membership applications will be reviewed at the annual business meeting. No nominations were made for honorary membership.
Annual Meeting:

A survey of the membership at the Squaw Valley meeting was reviewed. Pertinent results revealed that the attendees felt the cost of the meeting was about right, the scientific program was the most important part of the meeting, and that nice amenities are preferable even if the cost is a little higher.
Whistler Meeting:

The annual meeting will be held at Whistler Resort in British Columbia June 18-22, 2005. The President’s Dinner will be held at Araxia on Sunday evening. The golf tournament will be held on Monday. Monday night will be a free night with no formal activities planned. The tennis tournament will be on Tuesday and the annual barbeque and dinner dance will be combined into a single event on Tuesday evening. The Resident’s award and the golf and tennis trophies will be awarded that evening. Dr. Joel MacDonald is going to investigate the possibility of another organized optional event.

The resident’s award will be chosen from four finalists who will be selected after the abstracts are submitted. The formal selection for the award will be made after the papers are presented at the meeting.

Honored guests will be Dr. Vladka who will address issues related to trauma, and Dr. Burchiel who will speak on pain and functional neurosurgery.

This will be the 40 th annual meeting of the Society and special guests will be invited. An effort will be made to identify surviving founding members and extend a special invitation to them. Their expenses will be paid. Past Presidents and officers will be asked to discuss neurosurgery as they view the past and present.
Sedona Meeting:

The 2006 meeting will be held in Sedona, Arizona. Dr. McVicker is serving as the local arrangements chair. 300 room nights have been reserved and this number can be reduced by 10% 180 days and 90 days prior to the meeting. The contract has been finalized and the down payment has been made.
CME: (Dr. Paul Elliot)

The Society is now off probation and credits for the annual meeting are now working well with the AANS. We need to know what talks will be presented at the annual meeting and include this information in the Sprig newsletter. Dr. Jensen will be taking over as CME accreditation chair in the future.
Future Meetings:

The 2007 meeting will be held in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Idaho and a return to Alaska for 2008 were discussed and will be further evaluated at future meetings.

The meeting was adjourned at 5:30PM.

Michael W. Brown, M.D.
Secretary, RMNS