Executive Committee Meeting
Rocky Mountain Neurosurgical Society, Inc.
June 10, 2006.
Sedona, Arizona

1. Call to order: The meeting was called to order at 1:25 p.m. by President John McVicker. Members present were Mary Kay Gumerlock, Randy Jensen, Joel MacDonald, Michael Brown, Jonathan White, Jodie Levitt, Lee Krauth, and Al Capanna.

The minutes were read and approved without correction.

2. Report of the President: The president expressed his thanks to the members of the executive committee. He then covered the fact that the meeting was a little short on talks, and that getting a sufficient number of scientific presentations was more challenging than usual. He reminded everyone in of the president’s dinner at Red Rock Cabin. Arrangements for the dinner and transportation to the dinner were also discussed.

The president then spoke of further arrangements for the meeting in Sedona. With the afternoon meetings planned the cost of the box lunches have increased the cost of the meeting. About 80 people now signed up for the trip to the Grand Canyon. The society is subsidizing the trip at a rate of $75 per adult with the total estimated cost being about $165 per person for adults. The tournament roster for the golf tournament is full and pairings will be arranged by Dr. Krauth. Dr. Tice is putting together the tennis tournament. Further plans regarding the opening reception, banquet and children’s and adolescent’s activities were also outlined. The meeting schedule has been rearranged to account for the warmer weather at this year’s venue.

3. Report of the secretary: There were certain problems surrounding the sending of the spring newsletter which delayed its delivery to the membership. Part of the delay was in gathering all of the information for the scientific program. In the future, the newsletter will be published without the scientific program, if it is not available at the time of publication. There are many incorrect e-mail addresses and an effort will be made to get a correct e-mail address for all of the membership. The abstract form, which has been included in the newsletters will not be included in the fall newsletter in the upcoming years. Abstracts will be submitted online.

4. Report of the vice president: 11 e-mails were received from vendors expressing their desire in intention to attend the meeting or did not show. Money from these vendors has been collected and will be retained by the society. If the company name appears in the program, they will pay the exhibitors fee. 16 vendors have arrived for the present meeting and hopefully a feed more will life. Some companies want to bring multiple represent this but to pay for one table. There also been efforts to get companies to sponsor events at the meeting but historically, this has been unsuccessful. Although letters were sent out early and attempts to recruit exhibitors to the program, early letters may not be that helpful as plans for attendants at the meeting are often not made until after the first of the year. Overall exhibitor attendance looks excellent and helps to assure the financial success of the meeting.

5. Report of the treasurer: The society has experienced a good year financially. One member went an active, and the membership is not growing as fast as we are losing members. The resident fund is healthy. Plans have been made to set up a laddered structure or CDs and overall the investments have been restructured. 6, 12, and 18 month CDs are now wrong by the society. Because of the structure of the CD investments. Money will be somewhat tight to pay for the annual meeting because the maturity dates. Reports of the financial standing were presented by the treasurer and our own file. In the future. The exhibitors fee will allow for two representatives to attend the meeting. The exhibitors will be charged $50 per representative above that to cover cost of the representatives at the meeting.

Program training continues to be a substantial expanse. Plans for next year will include researching other options for the program. For the last two years abstracts have been printed locally.

The interim meeting in Tucson was a little more expensive than meetings which have been held and Las Vegas. Las Vegas and is an easy place to have the meeting and the president will decide where the interim meeting will be held. The executive committee members were reminded that they will be reimbursed for expenses as long as their costs are submitted within three months of the meeting.

6. Report of the historian: The present historians term has expired and a new historian is needed. Discussion was held regarding to should become the new historian and the names of Richard Schmidt and Al Capanna were brought up. A report of the discussion about the new historian will be forwarded to the nominating committee.

7. Future sites: The 2007 meeting of the society will be held in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. A local planning organization is being used to assist in planning the meeting. A total of three facilities were investigated to hold the meeting. The Four Seasons was visited but the dates were not available for the meeting. Also rates at this facility were higher than what the Society normally has to pay for the meeting. The Snake River Lodge is a private ranch and was also visited the rates are too high, and it’s not quite large enough for the Society. The meeting site for 2007 will be the Spring Creek Ranch. This facility is close to town and provides easy access to the golf course for the annual golf tournament. The dates for the 2007 meeting or June 16-20. There is a wide range of facilities available for the membership to rent during the meeting. The conference center is small and will pose somewhat of a challenge in presenting the scientific portion of the program but a site visit confirmed the facility will be adequate.

It was also decided that credit card billing will be available on the web site for registration for the 2007 meeting. There is a 4% charge for this service. This will also be discussed at the annual business meeting.

The budget for the 2007 meeting at Jackson Hole was also discussed. A budget for the 2005 meeting in Whistler was $59,000. The budget for the present meeting in Sedona is $66,000. A budget for the 2007 meeting at Jackson Hole will be set at $70,000.

The 2008 meeting will be held at Deer Valley in Utah. Richard Schmidt will be the local arrangements chairman for that meeting.

Discussion was also held regarding the 2009 meeting. Sites which were discussed included Alaska, Telluride, and Banff, Canada. Further discussion will be held at the interim meeting of the executive committee in January.

8. New business: A proposal was made that the treasurer keep the membership database. The treasurer has a complete database as he or she is responsible for billing the members for their annual dues. This fact would make it easier for the treasurer to maintain the database for mailing purposes for the Society

MSC: The member database will be moved to the treasurer and membership committee will be under the supervision of the secretary.

A brief discussion was held regarding openings for officers for the coming year. This falls under the auspices of the nominating committee and will be deferred to that committee.

An effort is being made to develop policies for the Society business. Certain policies need to be developed so that they can be clearly posted on the web site and the society membership can have a clear understanding of Society policies.
It has been several years since the Society bylaws have been reviewed. Therefore, the bylaws will be reviewed and brought up to date where necessary.

The committee discussed nominations for the Distinguished Service Award and Dr. Ron Apfelbaum is nominated for the award.

Authorization for an audit of the Society’s treasury was requested and authorized.

There was no further business can be discussed in the meeting was adjourned at 4:30 p.m.

Respectfully Submitted,

Michael W. Brown, M.D.