JANUARY 20, 2007


The interim meeting of the RMNS was called to order at 1:45 PM by President Mary Kay Gumerlock. The meeting was held at Green Valley Ranch Resort in Las Vegas, Nevada. The minutes from the Executive Committee meeting held June 10, 2006 in Sedona, Arizona were read and approved. Present at the meeting were Mary Kay Gumerlock, Bob Beatty, Stewart Levy, Michael Brown, Randy Jensen, Jonathan White, Stuart Goodman, and Al Capanna.


Dr. Gumerlock reported that she had received letters from the AANS and CNS calling for nominations for officers. The Congress is seeking nominations for President-elect, Vice President, and two members-at-large. Potential nominees included Randy Jensen, Jodie Leavitt, and Kris Smith. The AANS is seeking nominations for President, President-elect, and a member-at-large. Potential nominees discussed were Randy Jensen and Kevin Lillehei. Dr. Gumerlock will submit nominees to the organizations.


Dr. Levy reported on the status of vendors for the Jackson Hole Meeting in June. So far, 9-10 vendors have committed to the meeting. Other potential vendors were discussed and will be approached. We will also push for the vendors to make contributions to the Resident’s Fund. We have received two contributions from vendors to date. A proposal to raise the fees for vendors from $1500 to $2000 was discussed. The higher figure is in line with the fees for similar meetings. We cannot raise the fees for this year’s meeting, but will present the recommendation to the members at the annual business meeting in Jackson Hole this June. We will also seek feedback from vendors regarding the potential increase.


The database for the directory published in the annual meeting program was discussed. The format is difficult to edit. The database will be mailed to the vice-president and the treasurer for review and suggestions for management. The secretary had a conversation with Joel MacDonald prior to the meeting and the use of credit cards for registration on line was discussed. Because of the costs associated with the use of credit cards we will continue to ask members to mail checks for registration fees to the treasurer.


Dr. Richard Schmidt is the local arrangements chairman for the 2008 meeting to be held in Park City, Utah. He has secured the Park City Hotel for the meeting but the hotel has asked for a $34,000 deposit which would require arranging funds which is not in the best interest of the society. We will offer the hotel a $10,000 deposit or a $30,000 deposit if the hotel will agree to pay interest to the society on the deposit. Dr. Jensen and Dr. Schmidt will negotiate with the hotel. Financial spreadsheets were presented to members of the executive committee and are on file with the treasurer. There was a small loss with the 2006 meeting in Sedona, Arizona mostly attributable to the trip to the Grand Canyon. Overall, the financial situation of the Society is stable and healthy.


Dr. Capanna reminded members of the committee to encourage the membership to submit pictures of the annual meeting to him via e-mail.


The 2008 meeting will be held in Park City, Utah, June 13-19. Although some investigation was still underway at the time of this meeting, it appears the venue will be the Hotel Park City. Dr. Richard Schmidt is local arrangements chairman for the 2008 meeting. We are hoping to return to Alaska for the 2009 meeting and this will be proposed to the membership at the 2007 meeting. A proposal was made to ask Dr. Howard Morgan if he would be willing to serve as local arrangements for a meeting in Alaska. Discussion of potential sites for 2010 was tabled until the executive committee meeting in Jackson Hole at the 2007 annual meeting.


Dr. Gumerlock announced that the honored guests for the 2007 meeting in Jackson Hole will be Dr. Mark Hadley and author Michael Bliss. Dr. Hadley will discuss cervical spine and spinal cord injury. and medical evidence based management of these disorders. Author Michael Bliss will give presentations on the early history of neurosurgery, focusing on Harvey Cushing and Walter Dandy. We are short on abstracts at the time of this meeting but this is not unusual. Plans are well underway for another outstanding scientific and social program, including a trip to a rodeo as part of the opening reception.


The process of recruiting new members by having standing members of the Society submit recommendations for new members has met with some success. The committee recommended expanding the letter to potential new members by presenting highlights and benefits of membership in the RMNS. Application for membership is also available on line. A review of the bylaws and recommendations for updating was discussed and supported by the executive committee. The president-elect will lead this process.

There being no further business the meeting was adjourned at 4:00 PM

Respectfully Submitted,

Michael W. Brown, M.D.
Secretary, RMNS