JANUARY 5, 2008

The interim meeting of the RMNS was called to order at 2:15 PM by President Robert Beatty. The meeting was held at the Camelback Inn in Phoenix, Arizona. The minutes from the Executive Committee meeting held June 16, 2007 in Jackson Hole, Wyoming were read and approved. Present at the meeting were Mary Kay Gumerlock, Bob Beatty, Stewart Levy, Randy Jensen, Jonathan White, Richard Schmidt, Howard Morgan and Al Capanna.

Dr. Beatty reported that the honored guest speakers for the annual meeting in Park City, Utah would be Dr. Peter Black from the Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston, and Dr. Kim Burchiel from the Oregon Health Sciences University. The Annual President’s Dinner will be held on Monday night June 16th for the honored guests and the executive committee members. The Annual Banquet will be on Tuesday night the 17th of June.

Dr. White reported on the status of vendors for the Park City Meeting in June. Emails were sent out to the vendors, and many have responded with an interest to return to the meeting this year and sponsor again. New potential vendors were discussed and will be approached as well. We will also continue to push for the vendors to make contributions to the Resident’s Fund. The vendor space is in a large open area at the Hotel Park City, and there should be plenty of room. The possible need to hire a security guard to watch the exhibitor area was discussed.

Dr. Levy apologized for the fall newsletter getting out late. He will develop an organized hand-off packet of materials, including all the pertinent electronic files needed by the secretary, in order to make future transitions smoother and easier. The committee again discussed the option to use credit cards for registration on line, but because of the costs associated with the use of credit cards the committee decided to continue to ask members to mail checks for registration fees to the treasurer.

Dr. Jensen presented financial spreadsheets to members of the executive committee and reported on the financial condition of the society. The RMNS has total net assets of $94,230.75, with most of the cash assets in the form of CD’s with staggered maturity dates. Dr. Jensen is planning to purchase another CD for $8000 – $10,000. The residents’ fund has increased from around $5000 to about $12,000, therefore the committee decided to increase the number of resident awards presented each year, with additional awards for second and third place resident papers. The first place award will now include a $500 cash award, plus $800 in travel expenses to attend the RMNS meeting next year. The second place award recipient will receive a $300 cash award plus $500 in travel expenses for next year’s meeting, and the third place award will be $200 in cash and $500 in travel expenses for next year’s meeting.

The meeting in Jackson Hole was financially successful, with a net gain of $5600 ($102,441 in revenue, and $96,841 in expenses). There were 32 members in attendance and 44 physicians total. The society membership has increased from 87 to 97 active members, and from 10 to 17 associate members. Overall, the financial situation of the Society is stable and healthy.

Dr. Capanna reminded members of the committee to encourage the membership to submit pictures of the annual meeting to him via e-mail at

The 2009 annual meeting will be held in Alaska, June 20 -24. Dr. Howard Morgan is the local arrangements chairman and has spent much time and energy investigating possible locations for the meeting. Options include returning to the Alyeska resort in Girdwood, or venturing to a slightly more rustic lodge in Talkeetna, about 3-4 hours north of Anchorage near Denali National Park. The facilities at Talkeetna seemed appropriate (although rustic and very remote), and there is a golf course nearby, but no tennis courts. The golf course in the Alyeska area was apparently disappointing the last time we were there, and the closest tennis courts are in Anchorage, about 60-90 minutes away. The decision was tabled until further information could be gathered.

Potential sites for the 2010 meeting were discussed. Options included: the Camelback Inn in Phoenix; Tucson or the Sonoran Desert; the Black Hills of South Dakota; or Mexico. The final decision was tabled until the June meeting.

The honored guest speakers for the annual meeting in Park City, Utah will be Dr. Peter Black from the Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston, and Dr. Kim Burchiel from the Oregon Health Sciences University. Dr. Black will discuss treatment options for brain tumors and the use of intra-operative MRI. Dr. Burchiel will focus on the treatment of trigeminal neuralgia and the use of blood brain barrier opening techniques. Plans are well underway for another outstanding scientific and social program, including a train ride dinner on the historic Heber Valley Train.

The executive committee determined that there is a continuing need to hold an annual scientific meeting for the members of the RMNS. There are certain neurosurgical practice issues that are unique to practicing in the Rocky Mountain region. The RMNS Annual Meeting provides an opportunity for the neurosurgeons in our region to discuss these and other educational topics pertinent to the practice of neurosurgery in the Rocky Mountain region.

The executive committee assessed the scientific educational needs of the membership and determined that the focus of the 2008 annual meeting would be “Management of Brain Tumors and the use of Intra-Operative MRI”, “Blood Brain Barrier Opening Techniques and Indications”, and “Treatment Options for Trigeminal Neuralgia”. The educational focus for the 2009 annual meeting will be “Treatment of Spinal Disorders”, and “Complication Avoidance”.

The executive committee discussed the option of developing different levels of sponsorship for vendors at the annual meeting, or having vendors sponsor specific events such as a hot air balloon ride. Proposed levels of sponsorship included: Silver – $1000, Gold – $2000, and Platinum – $5000. The vendors and their level of sponsorship would be mentioned in the annual meeting program book.

There being no further business the meeting was adjourned at 4:35 PM

Respectfully Submitted,
A. Stewart Levy, M.D.
Secretary, RMNS