JUNE 23, 2009

Call to order: The annual business meeting of the Rocky Mountain Neurosurgical Society was called to order by Dr. MacDonald at 7:45 a.m.

Report of the President: Dr. MacDonald welcomed the membership and thanked Dr. Howard Morgan for his work in making local arrangements for the annual meeting.

Reading of the minutes: The minutes from the previous annual business meeting were reviewed by the members, and approved.

Report of the Treasurer: The treasurer’s report that had been previously delivered to the executive committee was reviewed by Dr. Jensen with the membership. The Society’s accounts are in good position with net assets over $100,000, and the Resident’s Fund is larger than ever at $14,000. Most of the society’s assets are in CD’s with staggered maturity dates to allow for cash availability at appropriate times of the year to conduct business.

The Park City meeting lost money, but the Alaska meeting is expected to come out ahead. We still need to increase overall membership levels, and need to market the meeting better to increase attendance.

Report of the Secretary: Next year’s meeting will be marketed with an announcement in the fall newsletter, an email blast to the membership and to all AANS members in the region, and with a reminder card mailed out to the membership in the late winter or early spring. The fall newsletter will continue to be the first call for abstracts, and will announce the guest speakers for the next year’s meeting. The spring newsletter will list the names of new applicants for membership, in order to give current members an opportunity to review the list of applicants and to make comments, recommendations or give feedback.

Templates for RMNS documents will be made available on the website for use by RMNS officers, including meeting agendas, minutes, program books, newsletters, letters for vendor sponsorship requests, financial documents, etc… Officers are requested to send templates relevant to their duties to the website administrator.

Report of the executive committee: The executive committee had its interim meeting in Las Vegas in January and met again on June 20, 2009 in Alaska, preceding this annual meeting of the society. The minutes from these meetings are made available to the society via the web site.

Report of the Historian: Dr. Capanna reported that the book is not available for review at this meeting, but there is a gallery of photos on the website, and photos are available on disc for any member that wishes to have them. He will bring the book to next year’s meeting and will acquire a new book as well, since the old book is filling up. Additional digital photos from past meetings are always welcome from the membership, and can be sent to Dr. Capana at

Report of the Membership Committee: Only one new member applicant was presented by the membership committee to the general membership for approval. Dr. Chris Madden was unanimously approved for membership into the society.

Report of the nominating committee: The nominating committee of the Society presented nominations for new officers. They are as follows:

President elect: Dr. Michael Brown

Vice President: Dr. Richard Day

Treasurer: Dr. Paul House

These nominees were approved unanimously by the membership.

Future meetings: The report of the executive committee and discussions on future meetings was presented to the membership. The 2010 meeting will be held in Telluride, CO, June 26-30. Dr. Mary Kay Gumerlock will be in charge of Local Arrangements, and Dr. _____ will be the Scientific Program Chair. The Peaks Resort was chosen as the location for the meeting; it is currently under renovation and will be even nicer than the last time the society was there in 1995.

The 2011 meeting will be in Taos, NM with Dr. Paul Elliott serving as local arrangements chair.

For 2012 we will investigate the possibility of holding the meeting in Mexico or Hawaii.

The 2013 meeting will be held in Sun Valley, ID with Dr. Jensen working on local arrangements.

Unfinished business: There was no unfinished business.

New business: No new business was brought before the Society

There being no further business the meeting was adjourned at 8:15 a.m.

Respectfully submitted, A. Stewart Levy, M.D., Secretary