JUNE 20, 2009

Call to Order: The meeting was called to order by Dr. Elliott at 3:38 p.m. (in the absence of Dr. MacDonald). The meeting minutes from the Winter Interim meeting were reviewed and approved.

Report of the Vice President: Dr. Elliott reported that there are 23 vendors registered for the meeting, at $2000 per table. Raising the cost of registration for exhibitors to $2000 appears to have had no detrimental effect on vendor participation. The fee will remain $2000 per table, and any vendor wishing to bring multiple divisions will need to pay separately for each division. Vendors will still be able to contribute to the Resident’s Fund as well.

Report of the Treasurer: The financial state of the Society is good, with net assets of more than $100,000. All reports on the financial status were presented to the executive committee. These are all on file with Dr. Jensen. The society came out about $20,000 behind on last year’s meeting, but should make it up on this year’s meeting, with a projection to come out about $30,000 ahead. There are approximately 100 individuals expected at the meeting this year, counting all categories. Total Society membership is stable at 368, including 89 active, 14 associate, and 67 seniors. The residents’ fund is doing very well, with more than $14,000.

Report of the Secretary: There was some inconsistency in past newsletters regarding registration fees for senior members. Registration for senior members will remain $100. Vendors will receive registration for two exhibitors per table, for each $2000 vendor fee. Additional exhibitors, without an additional table, can register for the non-member fee of $750 per person.

Report of the President: Dr. MacDonald arrived and reported that the annual President’s dinner would be held at Jack Sprat restaurant on Monday night. The opening reception will be at the top of the mountain, and the award banquet is at the hotel. Dr. MacDonald attempted to get a legal opinion regarding the bylaws as it may pertain to member complaints and issues of professional or ethical conduct, but was advised by a lawyer in Utah that the review should be done by a lawyer in Colorado since the RMNS was incorporated in Colorado. The resident award amounts were reviewed for clarity and will be as follows: 1st Place – airfare, registration and hotel plus $400 cash award; 2nd Place – $200 award; and 3rd Place – $200 award.

Report of the Website Administrator: The website is up to date, and is felt to be the ideal resource for archival information, such as prior minutes and programs. Furthermore we would like to archive templates for minutes, programs, agendas, etc… within the duty roster of each officer. Therefore, each officer is requested to forward their relevant templates to the website administrator, Dr. MacDonald. An honorarium of $500 was paid to Kelly Johnson for the extensive work he has done helping to renovate and maintain the website.

Report of the Historian: The large book of photographs from previous meetings of the society was not brought to the meeting this year, secondary to travel issues. Photos are available for review on the website, and are stored on a disc. Copies of the disc can made for members at their request. As always, please email photos from any meeting to the historian, Dr. Capanna.

Report of the Membership Committee: There is one application for new membership this year. It will be presented at the annual business meeting for a vote by the membership. The names of applicants will be listed in the Spring Newsletter for review and comments by the membership, prior to the meeting.

Report on 2009 Meeting: Dr. Morgan reported on the details for the 2009 meeting in Alaska. The meeting is approved for 13.5 hours of accredited CME. Wednesday’s schedule was decreased to two hours because many participants needed to depart early.

Annual Meeting Needs Assessment: A needs assessment for the annual meeting was reviewed by the executive committee, and the committee agreed on the need for continued annual meetings of the Society. RMNS member evaluations and comments were taken into consideration in order to determine appropriate and timely topics for the scientific program. Guest speakers with expertise in the areas of interest to our society, and good presentation and communication skills will be chosen to help us meet our learning objectives. These objectives will be further delineated at the winter interim executive meeting. Open abstracts from members and other interested and qualified participants will be accepted for presentation as well.

Report on 2010 Meeting: Dr. Gumerlock is working on local arrangements for the 2010 meeting in Telluride, CO. There is no availability in Sun Valley until 2013. Dr. Gumerlock has identified possible hotels/resorts and has narrowed it down to the Peaks (same site as 1995 meeting), or Capella (opened in Feb. 2009). The Peaks is being renovated and will be even nicer than the last time the society was there, and is significantly more economical than Capella. The Peaks has better meeting spaces, and both have golf nearby. After some discussion, the executive committee chose to move forward with the Peaks. The meeting will be held June 26-30, 2010, as our usual week was not available.

Future Meeting Sites: Several possible locations for future meeting sites were discussed, including: Mexico or Hawaii; the Black Hills of South Dakota; Sun Valley; Coeur d’Alene; and Taos, NM. The committee decided on Taos for 2011 with Dr. Paul Elliott coordinating local arrangements; Mexico or Hawaii in 2012 (Dr. Levy); and Sun Valley in 2013 (Dr. Jensen). There being no further business the meeting was adjourned at 5:18 p.m.

Respectfully Submitted, A. Stewart Levy, MD, Secretary