JANUARY 24, 2009

Treasure Island Hotel

Las Vegas, NV


The interim meeting of the RMNS was called to order at 2:10 PM by President Joel MacDonald. The meeting was held at the Treasure Island Hotel in Las Vegas, NV. The minutes from the Executive Committee meeting held June 14, 2008 in Park City, UT were read and approved. Present at the meeting were Dr’s Joel MacDonald, Mary Kay Gumerlock, Stewart Levy, Randy Jensen, Jonathan White, Paul House, Howard Morgan, Paul Elliott and Al Capanna.


Dr. MacDonald reported that the honored guest speakers for the annual meeting in Alaska would be Dr Doug Kondziolka from the University of Pittsburgh, and possibly Dr. Neil Kitchen from The National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery, Queen Square, London. Dr. Rodts will be unable to attend the meeting and had to cancel. The Annual President’s Dinner will be held on Monday night June 22nd for the honored guests and the executive committee members. The Annual Banquet will be on Tuesday night the 23rd of June. The website will be open for registration and abstract submission next week.

Dr. MacDonald also discussed the overall value of RMNS membership to its members and the importance of the annual meeting and scientific program. The committee discussed the need for interactive dialog and the sharing of ideas and experiences between members, especially given our unique issues in the geographically expansive states represented by the RMNS membership. There was some discussion regarding clarification of bylaws as they relate to revocation of membership for ethical conduct, revocation of membership in the AANS, or loss of board certification.


Dr. Elliott reported on the status of vendors for the Alaska Meeting in June. Many have responded with an interest to return to the meeting this year and sponsor again. New potential vendors, including endovascular product companies, were discussed and will be approached as well. The vendor registration fee was increased to $2000, and this has not resulted in any concern on the part of vendors, so far. There was some discussion regarding the possibility of a vendor sponsored special session on endovascular therapies; Dr. Elliott will follow up with endovascular product reps.


Dr. Jensen presented financial spreadsheets to members of the executive committee and reported on the financial condition of the society. The RMNS has total net assets of $99,005.90, with most of the cash assets in the form of CD’s with staggered maturity dates. The residents’ fund has increased from around $12,000 to about $14,000. Ideas were discussed regarding resident awards and travel expense reimbursement, to spend more of the fund, but no final decisions were reached.

The meeting in Park City was costly, with a net loss of $19,612.85, mostly due to decreased attendance, with only 18 members and 6 residents. The society membership has decreased from 97 to 89 active members, and from 17 to 14 associate members, partly due to the removal of members that were many years in arrears with regard to dues. The tax report was completed on time and the society owes no taxes. Overall, the financial situation of the Society is stable and healthy.


Dr. Levy suggested an email blast to the AANS membership and postcards to the RMNS membership to advertise to the entire AANS membership and remind RMNS members of the meeting in Alaska. He will develop an electronic “post card” announcement to attach to an email blast and to print hard copies for mailing to the membership.


Dr. Capanna reminded members of the committee to encourage the membership to submit pictures of the annual meeting to him via e-mail at


The 2009 annual meeting will be held at the Alyeska resort in Girdwood, Alaska, June 20 -24. Dr. Howard Morgan is the local arrangements chairman and has spent much time and energy preparing for a great meeting venue. There is a golf course nearby, but the closest tennis courts are in Anchorage, about 60-90 minutes away. The decision was made to not have a golf or tennis tournament, and to plan a fishing trip instead. Dr. Morgan is working on bringing Iditarod Dog Sled Racer, Cliff Roberson, to the meeting to give a presentation on the famous Alaskan dog sled race. The Opening Reception will be at the top of the ski resort on Saturday night and kids are included. The Award Banquet will be at the hotel on Tuesday night.


Potential sites for the 2010 meeting were discussed. Many options were discussed including: the Black Hills of South Dakota, Telluride, Durango, Sun Valley, or Mexico. The choices were narrowed down to Telluride or Sun Valley for 2010, and Mexico for 2011 or 2012.


The executive committee determined that there is a continuing need to hold an annual scientific meeting for the members of the RMNS. There are certain neurosurgical practice issues that are unique to practicing in the Rocky Mountain region. The RMNS Annual Meeting provides an opportunity for the neurosurgeons in our region to discuss these and other educational topics pertinent to the practice of neurosurgery in the Rocky Mountain region.

The executive committee assessed the scientific educational needs of the membership and determined that the focus of the 2009 annual meeting would include “Stereotactic Radiosurgery”, “Meningiomas”, “Treatment of Spinal Disorders”, and “Residency Work Hour Restrictions and Manpower Issues”.


There was no new business.

There being no further business the meeting was adjourned at 5:00 PM.

Respectfully Submitted,

A. Stewart Levy, M.D.
Secretary, RMNS