TUESDAY, JUNE 21, 2011


Call to order: The annual business meeting of the Rocky Mountain Neurosurgical Society was called to order by Dr. Michael Brown at 7:30 a.m.

Report of the President: Dr. Brown welcomed the membership and thanked board members for their participation in organizing a very successful meeting. The minutes from the previous annual business meeting were reviewed by the members, and approved.

Report of the Secretary: The executive committee had its interim meeting in Las Vegas in January and met again on June 18, 2010 in Taos, preceding this annual meeting of the society. Copies are made available to the society via the web site. Our next meetings booklet will include our membership address list per routine on even years. We have decided to provide distributors a list of our member attendees with city and state in an effort to continue to garnish support for future meetings.

Report of the Executive Committee: We are beginning the task of delineating more specific terms for committee members to take advantage of the learning curves involved with each office.
We are trying to consolidate and digitize our database into one format that could potentially be used for our meeting organization and website. The individual committee members have discussed with the general membership their overall satisfaction with the last meeting. We found that the membership was pleased with the objectives and felt that they were met. We will diligently discuss educational needs / practice gaps with our colleagues during this meeting and at our home institutions and plan on incorporating them in the upcoming meeting.

Report of the Treasurer: The treasurer’s report that had been previously delivered to the executive committee was reviewed by Dr. House with the membership. The Society’s accounts are in good standing. After a loss from our Telluride meeting this meeting appears to be in the black mainly due to increased vendor support and good control over local arrangement expenses. Membership is at 84 with those that have paid dues 60. Residents fund is 19K.

Report of the Historian: We are making preparations for the 50th Anniversary of RMNS 2015. We would like to consider returning to the meeting origin location in Colorado Springs. In the past the Broadmoor Hotel has been cost prohibitive and not willing to negotiate meeting rates or benefits. We will try them again.

Report of the Website Administrator: Reg-online has been working well and was used to print out attendee lists as well as our iPad raffle badges. Early opening of the website for registration is planned to facilitate planning for our upcoming meeting in Hawaii. An updated disclosure form will be posted on the website and should be integrated into next year’s online registration.

Report of the Membership Committee: Four new member applicants were presented by the membership committee to the general membership for approval.

John Clough MD

Overland Park, KS

Paul Detwiler MD

Tyler, TX

Andrew Little MD

Phoenix, AZ

Mark Renfro MD

Tyler, TX

Saul Schwarz MD

Denver, CO

Peter Shedden MD

Woodlands, TX

All applicants were unanimously approved for membership into the society.

Report of the nominating committee: The nominating committee of the Society presented nominations for new officers. They are as follows:

President elect:

Dr. Stewart Levy

Vice President:

Dr. Joseph Beshay

CME Committee:

Dr. Brett Dietz

Scientific Program Chair:


Membership Committee:


Member at Large:


These nominees were approved unanimously by the membership.

Future meetings: The report of the executive committee and discussions on future meetings was presented to the membership. The 2012 meeting will be in Maui, HI with Dr. Stewart Levy serving as local arrangements chair. We need to advertise this meeting early. The meeting will be held at The Fairmont Resort. The 2013 meeting will be held in Sun Valley, ID with Dr. Jensen working on local arrangements. Future sites discussed include:

– 2014 Banff, Canada
– 2015 Colorado Springs ***50th Anniversary RMNS Original Site
– 2016 Victoria, Canada

Unfinished business: Make early plans for the Hawaii meeting.

New business: Based on the success of the iPad raffle we should consider a similar format for next year with possibly a different giveaway such as a donated hotel day during the meeting.

There being no further business the meeting was adjourned at 07:59 a.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Richard A. A. Day, MD, Secretary RMNS