JUNE 18, 2010

El Monte Segrado, Taos, New Mexico

Call to Order: The meeting was called to order by Dr. Brown at 1:20 p.m. The meeting minutes from the Winter Interim meeting were reviewed and approved. Others present at the meeting were physicians Joseph Beshay, Stewart Levy, Richard Day, Michael Brown, Randy Jensen, Paul Elliot, and Paul, House, Brett Dietz, Albert Capanna, and Jon Ledlie.

Report of the President: Dr. Brown thanked the executive committee for their work in regards to running the society and preparing for the meeting. He introduced our guest speakers Drs Frederick Boop and Robert Rostimily, and their study focus. There was hope of inviting Mario Beauregard to discuss his mystical experience of neurobiology, but he did not respond to our emails. We have reservations for 24 for the president’s dinner.

Report of the Vice President: Dr. Ledlie reported that there are 29 vendors registered for the meeting, at $2000 per table with last minute registrant Nuvasive. This remarkable interest in our meeting will help defer losses associated with expenses of our last meeting. There was some concern from the venue hosts that there would not be enough room. The plan was to accept as many vendors that showed interest and put tables in the hallway if necessary. He recommended that we increase the vendor fee to $2500 next year to account for ever increasing costs of meeting planning and delivery. The iPad giveaway which he introduced to the society as a means for promoting interaction at the meeting was initially thought to be at odds with AMA ethics based on their vendor relations criteria for accepting gifts. Clarifying that this raffle was and inter physician donation by the society rather than a vendor gift allowed us to go ahead with our plan. Next year consider changing the giveaway to (2) free days of lodging. Be wary of vendor participation at our meeting in Hawaii since many vendors may not be able to get approval to travel this far out of their areas. Encourage early marketing and signup. All submissions for the meeting booklet should have margins set to 5.5 x 8.5 with 0.5 inch margins ahead of time. Otherwise reformatting is difficult. The questionnaire and CME credit sheet will be printed on standard letter paper and be included in each folder. A copy of the physician meeting attendees with city and state only will be printed for the vendors.

Report of the Treasurer: The financial state of the Society is good, with net assets of more than $158,000. The Telluride meeting lost $21K. All reports on the financial status were presented to the executive committee. These are all on file with Dr. House. This year’s meeting looks to be in the black, with an average meeting cost of $67K and projected revenues of $72K. 31 members and 53 exhibitors currently registered. Active members that have paid dues totals(60),still down from early years. Cost cutting measures were discussed especially in view of our projections that the Maui meeting will be more expensive based on travel and higher costs of the venue. The residents’ fund is doing very well, with more than $19K. Since there are usually complimentary rooms provided as part of venue negotiations it was decided that in order these rooms will be distributed as follows: Honored Guest Speaker, RMNS Staff, Local Arrangements Chairman, lastly RMNS President.

Report of the Secretary: The current computer purchased for the society really has no software. No software is really required to access Regonline but Microsoft Office should be purchased since the only version on the computer is a trial and expiring. This computer is designated for the registration desk so really cannot be used for presentations. For presentations the session host is in charge of bringing their computer. Many speakers prefer their own laptops for special computing requirements. Consider costs of purchasing our own projector rather than pay high AV fees at local sites. Despite previous discussion of the president producing the program book, with the assistance of the officers, the booklet was produced and printing arranged by the secretary. The goal was to keep it to about 50 pages abstracts included for organization rather than bind them separately. The cost of 150 books was about $1000 including shipping. The membership roster is included on even years, so next years’ book will be more expensive. It will be important to get the roster organized and in one usable format rather than in three different areas and it currently stands (website in Filemaker, Word document for printing, Outlook Format for email blasts. Regonline may satisfy all these since we may be able to load the entire membership into the website. A raffle ticket was produced on Regonline that is name tag sized and fits in the name tag holder with the 30 vendor names front and back. Next to each name there is a star silhouette that will accommodate a sticker from each vendor what their table is visited. Submit a short bio on each guest speaker as soon as they are identified so we can include it in the Newsletters and Meeting Booklet.

Report of the Website Administrator: The website administrator could not make it to the executive committee meeting, but some issues were discussed. The committee would like to overhaul the website and may need to get away from Filemaker due to its continued cost, limited access by other members who do not have a copy of the program, which is expensive, and it seems to be an overly powerful program for our needs and not satisfying some of our daily basic operational requirements when it comes to organizing and marketing the meeting. Paul Elliot will review what they are organizing for the Colorado Neurosurgery Society and see if it can be applied to our needs. Consider restricting access to website pictures to members only.

Report of the Historian: The large book of photographs from previous meetings of the society was brought to the meeting this year. Photos are available for review on the website, and are stored on a disc. Copies of the disc can made for members at their request. As always, please email photos from any meeting to the historian, Dr. Capanna. A disc of all the photos will be produced for all members for our 50th anniversary meeting in 2015. Dr. Capanna suggested publishing past presidents in the historical portion of the program booklet.

Report of the Membership Committee: Committee chairman could not make it to the meeting but there were (7) applications for new membership reviewed by the membership committee and then the executive committee. They will be presented at the annual business meeting for a vote by the membership. Several applications came in recently, so not all of the applicants could be listed in the Spring Newsletter for review and comments by the membership. Members will have an opportunity to comment at this year’s annual business meeting.

Report of the CME Chair: Dr. Beshay has been working diligently to make sure that we meet all ACCME (Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education) requirements to receive CME credits for the meeting. He has asked that the CME chair be allowed to write the objectives for the meeting, the guest speakers and the abstracts, after the program has been laid out, since the language used in the objectives must follow very specific guidelines. The disclosure forms will need to be revised for next year, and from now on the moderators and all the executive committee members will need to submit disclosure forms as well, even if they are not speaking in the scientific program. A new form will be provided online for next years’ meeting. The current online form describes $500 monetary limitations that are no longer valid nor does it provide an area to detail disclosure. Brett Dietz accepted position as new CME chair. At the meeting discuss with members how successful we were at addressing our meeting gap last at last years’ meeting with regard to their knowledge of critical care and health care costs. In our current questionnaire members should be requested to help us identify future educational gaps. Notice our CME submission form separates neurosurgery into subspecialty, particularly important is Trauma for your own hospital credentialing.

Report on 2011 Meeting: Dr. Elliot reported on the details for the current 2011 meeting. The social program consists of the opening reception, Pueblo Tour, Golf, Tennis Tournament and Annual Banquet. Lunch will be added to the Pueblo Tour. All travel, lodging and event expenses are complimentary for the Honored Guests and RMNS Staff. Vendors wives need to pay for breakfast but vendors get breakfast as part of their registration. Breakfast tickets will be issues to help control breakfast costs. Pick up tickets at registration desk. Young children do not have to pay for breakfast. Next year’s meeting planner should clarify costs on these items in the registration. We have a password for internet for the meeting. Consider negotiating complimentary parking and internet into future meeting sites. The AV assistant is only hired for the first day to get the meeting running, thereafter as need basis to help with cost. Local chairman should pick a local speaker at future sites to add color; consider an honorarium of $250.

Scientific Program Report: There were some requested changes to the program schedule that were being addressed.

Annual Meeting Needs Assessment: A needs assessment for the annual meeting was reviewed by the executive committee, and the committee agreed on the need for continued annual meetings of the Society. RMNS member evaluations and comments were taken into consideration in order to determine appropriate and timely topics for the scientific program. Guest speakers with expertise in the areas of interest to our society, and good presentation and communication skills will be chosen to help us meet our learning objectives. These objectives will be further delineated at the winter interim executive meeting. Open abstracts from members and other interested and qualified participants will be accepted for presentation as well. The individual committee members have discussed with the general membership their overall satisfaction with the last meeting. We found that the membership was pleased with the objectives and felt that they were met. They felt better educated regarding the role of the neurocritical care specialist in neurosurgery as well as understood how the new healthcare reform law may impact our practice. We will diligently discuss educational needs / practice gaps with our colleagues during this meeting and at our home institutions and plan on incorporating them in the upcoming meeting.

Report on 2012 Meeting: Dr. Levy discussed current contracting with the venue. Meeting dates June 16-21 with block extending several days on either side since most people will want to stay a week once there. Consideration of changing the meeting dates to allow for travel was discussed but no changes were made. People need to travel on Friday to make in time for the opening reception. President’s dinner will be offsite for 12 couples, and we have 250 rooms in the block to expire May 16, 2012. All rooms will be suites. He is planning a private Luau with a nice menu. Cost will be higher due to separate costs for lawn entertainment etc. Stewart has begun training for his own flaming sword swallowing exhibition as an entertainment highlight. Head count for the reception and banquet will be 50 each. Stewart is hoping to identify a local speaker on whale biology. President needs to identify new honored guests early, maybe someone from Japan.

Future Meeting Sites:
48th 2013 Sun Valley: Managed not to pay too early so saved on interest. Development underway headed by Dr. Randy Jensen.

49th 2014 Banff or Victoria: Crossing the border may incur more costs for vendors, be aware. Dr Krauth has offered to be meeting chairman for this venue. Richard Day can work on Banff depending on timing.
50th 2015 Colorado Springs ?: Quit going there years ago because the venue would not discuss negotiate on room costs.
51st 2016 Victoria ?

Old Business:
Member attendance and ways to encourage attendance were discussed.

New Business:
Incoming President will identify Scientific Chairman and Member at Large.
Discuss Terms for each office to avoid confusion in future years.
Change Senior Membership to specify that this requires the member to no longer be practicing.

There being no further business the meeting was adjourned at 16:00 p.m.

Respectfully Submitted,
Richard A. A. Day, MD, Secretary