January 15, 2011


Las Vegas, NV

Call to Order:

The meeting was called to order by Dr. Brown at 2 p.m. The minutes from the Summer Executive meeting were reviewed and approved. Present at the meeting were physicians Mike Brown, Jonathan White, Joseph Beshay, Stewart Levy, Richard Day, Jon Ledlie, Joel MacDonald, Al Capanna, Bret Dietz, Paul Elliot, and Paul House.

Report of the President:

Dr. Brown affirmed our two guest speakers. Dr. Rick Boop will be discussing pertinent pediatric neurosurgery issues as well as medical socioeconomic topics. Dr. Robert Rostomily will present on stem cell research and his work on acoustic neuromas. Dr. Brett Dietz will be the new scientific program chairman. The President has made a motion to nominate Dr. Joel MacDonald for CNS President. All members voted affirmatively and a nominating letter will be composed.

Report of the Vice President:

Dr. Ledlie reported that the invitation to vendors is ready to go out and discussed using punch cards at the meeting to promote physician vendor interaction with an Ipad raffle for all physicians completing their punch cards. Once a physician completes an interaction with a vendor their card is punched. Fully punched cards can then be used to enter the raffle. Because of current regulatory restrictions it was decided not to pursue different levels of participation based on financial support. The vendor fee will therefore remain unchanged at $2000 per booth, two participants, for a single company. A company with various divisions can share a booth or pay for separate tables for each division. Vendor registration covers the participant fee and opening reception. Vendors are invited to participate in all social events but are subject to the same additional participation fee as the physicians.

Report of the Treasurer:

The financial state of the Society remains stable. Membership has declined gradually to 84. Unpaid membership dues remain a problem and it was determined that those members need a phone call to settle their account or resign. New members should be sought and a general mailing to the Rocky Mountain States inviting new members will be orchestrated thorough the AANS mailing list. The resident fund holds 17K. Our meeting in Telluride showed a loss of $16000. This was thought to be related to increased facility cost including very expensive audio visual fees, and lesser participants and vendors. Vendor participation was 18 booths (goal 20+) or 32 exhibitors or $32K in revenue (average 24K). Membership participation was 21 ($12,500). The Resort also had various insufficiencies and was not very considerate in providing refunds for their system problems.

Report of the Secretary:

The secretary is working on consolidating our membership data bases. The online database that uses Filemaker currently does not have functionality for bulk email and the undated version of our membership compiled by last years’ event manager is in word format and does not function as a database. Bulk email and printing will facilitate future communication and marketing. Dr. Levy will mail the Secretary’s’ computer to the new secretary to complete the transition. The secretary and local arrangements chair will each send assistants to the meeting to run the front desk. We will plan to update the online registration application to a PDF form and include some basic administrative screening questions.

Report of the Website Administrator:

The website administrator has the site up and running with new modifications and it is currently online for abstract submissions. Registration for the meeting will go live in a few days. There will be a separate area for vendors to register where all fees can be paid online via credit card or check. Our upcoming meeting splash page will be placed soon. An attempt will be made to make a members login section so members can have access to the membership roster.. The committee would like to continue using the services of Kelly Johnson (at the University of Utah) to help maintain the website with a $500 stipend. Report of the Historian: The 50th anniversary of the meeting is coming up and all members are encouraged to submit photographs for a celebratory compilation.

Report of the Membership Committee:

There were no new applications to review which is concerning in light of declining membership. New membership will be very important in the coming years to sustain the meeting. All board members are encouraged to obtain one new member in the coming year.

Report of the CME Chair:

Dr. Beshay has been working diligently to make sure that we meet all ACCME (Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education) requirements to receive CME credits for the meeting. The disclosure forms will need to be revised for this year and from now on the moderators and all the executive committee members will need to submit disclosure forms as well, even if they are not speaking in the scientific program. We will try to integrate the disclosure forms into online registration. The logo for our meeting pamphlet also needs to be updated per AANS request. As usual the sooner the scientific program is developed the easier this task will be.

Report on 2011 Meeting:

Dr. Elliot has arrangements finalized. Taos is a charming but rather remote town so most people will need to fly into Albuquerque and rent a car. As in the past Saturday evening will be the reception with a bar and heavy l’hors d’oeuvres and possibly an American Indian dancer. Sunday there will be a group pueblo day tour with an evening barbecue. Monday is a golfing in the afternoon at the country club with a box lunch and a free evening for members. The president’s dinner is Monday night. Tuesday is tennis at a nice tennis club with box lunch. Tuesday night is the banquet with a band and dancing. There will be a movie and party with sitters for the children during the banquet. Vendors invited but must pay the usual fee. We have a block of 60 rooms with May 19th being the cutoff day.

Annual Meeting Needs Assessment:

A needs assessment for the annual meeting was reviewed by the executive committee, and the committee agreed on the need for continued annual meetings of the Society. RMNS member evaluations and comments were taken into consideration in order to determine appropriate and timely topics for the scientific program. Guest speakers with expertise in the areas of interest to our society, and good presentation and communication skills will be chosen to help us meet our learning objectives.

Report on 2012 Meeting:

Dr. Levy is working on local arrangements for the 2012 meeting in Maui, HI. We are using a conference coordinator who has acquired some good rates. There is a 21% resort fee plus a 4% tax on all charges, so this will have some significant impact on the cost of the meeting. Among the three resorts the Fairmont seemed to provide the best atmosphere and accommodations. All rooms are suites and villas are available as well. Plan is to secure a block for 3-4 days prior and after the meeting. Preliminary meeting dates are June 16-20th.
Future Meeting Sites: The 2013 meeting will be in Sun Valley and coordinated by Dr. Jensen. Several possible locations for future meeting sites for 2014 and beyond were discussed, including: Bend, OR; Glacier, Montana; or the Banff/Jasper region of Canada. We have tentatively chosen Banff as our meeting site for 2014.

There being no further business the meeting was adjourned at 1700 p.m.

Respectfully Submitted,
Richard A. Day, MD, Secretary RMNS