June 14, 2014, 1 PM

Westin Bear Mountain Resort, Victoria, BC, Canada

Call to Order: The meeting was called to order by Dr. Paul Elliott at 1:20 p.m. The minutes from the Summer Executive meetings were reviewed and approved. Present at the meeting were physicians Randy Jensen, Stewart Levy, Brett Dietze, Joel MacDonald, Kelly Schmidt, Lee Krauth, Paul House, and Brad Duhon. Absent were Albert Capanna, Andrew Daily, Michael Seiff, Kris Smith and Michael Brown.

Report of the President: Dr. Elliott discussed some organizational and historical points and reintroduced guest speakers. It is the main job of the president to arrange and attend to the Honored Guest speakers. A brief rundown of the meeting was given as well.

Report of the Vice President: Dr. Daily was unable to attend the meeting. Dr. Elliott filled in on his behalf. A total of 20 companies, 27 vendor attendees had registered. We showed some flexibility on tables and participants to accommodate some vendor requests.

Report of the Treasurer: Dr. Schmidt presented current financial information for the society. Overall the financial health is good. Assets prior to the meeting total $176,701 with over $86K still in university of Utah Checking account. The plan is to draw down on this account and build up into the Wells Fargo account with all future deposits. Efforts continue to streamline electronic dues payment via the website using PayPal and credit card.

Report of the Secretary: Program arrived on site and appears complete. Once again the programs were printed by The Good Printing Company. Efforts continue to update the member roster and will plan to work with Dr. Schmidt to consolidate the current roster with those who are up to date with their dues. The question of whether or not to continue to produce hard copies of the newsletter verses electronic publication was discussed. The committee was unanimously in favor of continuing to produce hard copies. The committee also endorsed hiring The Good Printing Company to print and mail the newsletters in order to facilitate timelier disbursement.

Report of the Website Administrator: The website is becoming more functional. It is still a work in progress, especially with regard to the roster and billing and accounting. The society is still using RegOnline for the annual meeting planning and execution.

Report of the Historian: Dr. Capanna was unable to attend this year’s meeting due to a family commitment. The committee continued the discussion of working with the website administrator to establish an online photo album which would allow members to upload their photos from the meetings. This will be revisited at the Winter meeting.

Report of the Membership Committee: There was one new application to review, Dr. Justin Davis from Overton Park, KS. It was approved from presentation to the membership on Tuesday. It was agreed there needs to be continued efforts to not only maintain but boost our membership and people move, retire or expire.

Report of the CME Chair: Dr.Smith has been working diligently to make sure that we meet all ACCME (Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education) requirements to receive CME credits for the meeting. All speakers, moderators and executive committee members have submitted their forms which will be delivered to the AANS prior to meeting start. It was suggested that a confirmation email with the form attached should be sent to each presenting registrant and committee members participating in the planning of the meeting. All marketing and program materials need to be approved by AANS. This included Newsletters and our Program. It was noted that we get good marks by AANS for compliance.

Report on 2014 Meeting: Dr. Krauth provided a detailed update on arrangements including schedule changes. More details were provided on our social calendar.

Annual Meeting Needs Assessment and Scientific Program: A needs assessment for the annual meeting was reviewed by the executive committee, and the committee agreed on the need for continued annual meetings of the Society. The individual committee members have discussed with the general membership their overall satisfaction with the last meeting. We found that the membership was pleased with the objectives and felt that they were met. The previous meeting needs were met and RMNS member evaluations and comments were taken into consideration in order to determine appropriate and timely topics for the future scientific program and gap. Guest speakers with expertise in the areas of interest to our society, and good presentation and communication skills will be chosen to help us meet our learning objectives and close the meeting educational gap. We will continue to encourage a variety of talks including topics that may relate to the socioeconomics of neurosurgery and not just basic science.

Report on 2015 Meeting: Dr. Brown was unable to attend the meeting but is working on local arrangements for 50th annual meeting in Colorado Springs. It will be held at the Broadmoor Resort which is the site of the inaugural meeting in 1965. He is working on contracts for room blocks as well as venues for both the scientific and social programs. He will update us at the Winter meeting in Las Vegas.

Future Meeting Sites: Future meeting sites were discussed and Dr. Richard Day has begun investigating options for the 2016 Meeting in Whitefish Resort in Montana. Other potential sites include Durango, CO, Lake Powell, UT, Lake Tahoe, CA, Mexico, Black Hills, ND.

Old Business: Web site already discussed.

New Business: None presented

There being no further business the meeting was adjourned at 16:35.

Respectfully Submitted,

  1. Brett Dietze, MD, Secretary RMNS


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