JUNE 21, 2016
THE LODGE AT WHITEFISH LAKE, WHITEFISH, MOThe meeting was called to order at 07:30 by Dr. Richard Day

The treasury report was given by Dr. Brad Duhon.  The current bank balance was approximately $131K.  It was reported the there were still quite a few members who had not paid dues, some in a few years.  The membership approved sending letters to members who were delinquent requesting payment and removing those who did not remit payment within a reasonable time period from the rolls.  The need for continued support for the residents fund was expressed.

The report of the Vice President was given by Dr. Seiff.  Appreciation for the excellent vendor support for this year’s meeting was stated.  There was agreement among the membership that the vendor sponsorship level should remain at $2,500 per table.

The following applicants were approved as new members by the membership:

  • Dr. Mark Mahan, MD (Salt Lake, UT)
  • Michael Finn, MD (Aurora, CO)
  • Joshua Krass, DO (Kalispell, MT)
  • Stephen Campbell, MD (Kalispell, MT)
  • Jeffery Larson, MD (Coeur d’Alene, ID)
  • John McGregor, MD (Columbus, OH)

Dr. Joel MacDonald discussed efforts to improve roster management with the help of the person to be named as the society administrator.  The society will no longer take responsibility for room management during the registration process in the future.  There will be a link on RegOnline to the hotels website to ensure that room inventory is more accurately managed.

The following new officers were nominated and approved by the membership:

Dr. Kelly Schmidt, MD – Incoming President

Dr. Brett Dietze, MD – President Elect

Dr. Joe Sramek, MD – Secretary

Dr. Michael Sieff – Vice President

CME – Meeting evaluation and attendance verification forms to be submitted electronically to AANS

Possible future meeting sites were briefly discussed including Banff/Lake Louise,  Alaska, Durango

The meeting was adjourned by Dr. Day at 08:00