Minutes 2017 RMNS Annual Business Meeting
June 20th, 2017
Ritz Carlton, Lake Tahoe, CA.

Presidents Report – Meeting called to order by Dr. Kelly Schmidt at 7:30 am. Once again, we have had excellent talks by our honored guest speakers, Dr. James Goodrich, Dr. B. Gregory Thompson and Dr. William Couldwell.

Vice President Report – Dr. Michael Sieff – another successful year of encouraging vendor participation at the meeting with 28 vendor tables and 1 $2500.00 educational grant.

Secretary Report – Dr. Joseph Sramek – Allison Whipple, RMNS administrative assistant, has been working on the membership roster.

Treasure Report –  Dr. Brad Duhon – Member attendance is down at this meeting. There are currently 75 active members. 2 Members have resigned – Dr. Donn Turner, Fort Collins, CO and Dr. Todd Hankinson, University of Colorado. RMNS is financially doing well with ~ 162 K balance in accounts, although we will probably lose money on this meeting. 2nd dues reminder will be sent out soon.

Website Administrator Report – Dr. Joel MacDonald – RMNS board has approved funds to update the website with improved performance and functionality, improvement in archived items. Will also upgrade paypal which will allow for use of credit cards on website. Goal is to have the upgrade done over this summer.

Historian Report – Dr. Al Capanna – The photo book is up front at the check in desk. Please send photos from this years meeting to Dr. Capanna.

Admin Report – Allison Whipple – Allie has been hired as a contract employee and is working on updating the membership roster. She is also working on some ideas to help spread the word about the RMNS to increase membership and meeting attendance. Dr. Lee Krauth suggested we also keep a list of spouses and kid’s names.

Membership Committee – The following new members have been approved as new members by the membership:

Darbi Invergo, DO (Westminster, CO)

Brett A. Whittemore, MD (Dallas, TX)

Talmadge Trammell, MD (Abilene, TX)

John Rolston, MD, PhD (Salt Lake City, UT)

Allison Whipple will send letters of congratulations and request for $25.00 initiation fee.

Future Sites:

2018                Banff, AB

2019                Durango, CO

2020                Jackson Hole, WY

2021                Alaska? Mexico?


Announcement of Executive Board:

President                     Dr. Brett Dietze

President Elect            Dr. Kris Smith

Vice President             Dr. Mark Mahan

Secretary                     Dr. Joseph Sramek

Treasurer                    Dr. Drad Duhon

Scientific Program      Dr. Bryan Wohlfeld

Member at Large        Dr. Erik Parker

CME Chairman            Dr. Michael Sieff


NREF Presentation – Dr William Couldwell would like to see the RMNS become Cushing level contributors to the NREF. This would entail a contribution of $25,000 which could be amortized over 5 – 10 years. The NREF has awarded $18 million for research activities since 1980. 89% goes directly towards research and 11% towards administrative fees.

Dr. Joel MacDonald made a motion to contribute $25,000 to NREF and the membership approved this motion.

CME – Dr. Erik Parker – meeting evaluation and attendance verification forms will be sent out electronically. Dr. Parker did speak with a representative at AANS and they will allow possibly up to 3 hours of this meeting to be designated as trauma CME.