Rocky Mountain Neurosurgical Society
June 16th, 2018 1pm
Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel

Call to Order:The meeting was called to order at 1:20 pm. Present at the meeting were Dr. Mark Mahan, Dr. Kelly Schmidt, Dr. Michael Seiff, Dr. Brad Duhon, Dr. Brett Dietze, Dr. Joseph Sramek, Dr. Bryan Wohlfeld, Dr. Erik Parker and Dr. Al Capana.

Report of the President:Dr. Dietze was grateful to everybody for all of the hard work in putting together an excellent meeting and to Dr. Kelly Schmidt for all of her hard work as the local meeting host. He discussed the guest speakers, Dr. Hunt Batjer as well as Dr. John Hurlbert and the topics that they would be presenting. Dr. Hurlbert’s daughter lives locally and may attend the President’s dinner with him on Monday. There are 43 physician registrants for this years meeting which represents an increase from recent meetings.

Report of the Vice President: Dr. Mark Mahan was in charge of obtaining vendor support for the meeting. This year there will be 22 vendor tables and Dr. Mahan went through a list of the vendors. There were some challenges with Reg-online and with customs. Some companies that have typically been present in the past were unable to attend secondary to the meeting being held in Canada and some new companies attended the RMNS meeting for the first time. Dr. Mahan pointed out the need to have a true vendor agreement that could be used for future meetings.

75% of the vendors paid online with the rest sending checks to various places ( Mark Mahan, Brad Duhon and Allie Whipple). Some of the corporations have been delayed in paying as they have to submit their request to a grant committee. Sponsorship was set at $2500/ table for 2 company representatives. RMNS is still awaiting payment from Boston Scientific, Globus, Paradigm and Penumbra.

A discussion occurred regarding maintaining vendor support for future meetings. Emphasis should be placed on the interaction between vendors and physicians and less on the social activities as corporate has to approve vendor participation in the meetings. The board discussed having various tiers for corporate sponsorship. The benefits for various tiers would need to be defined. Dr. Wohlfeld asked if there are guidelines out there regarding sponsorship levels. A recommendation was made to reach out to the vendors to see what type of sponsorships they would like to see. Dr. Mahan and Dr. Seiff will reach out to the vendors’ post meeting either via e-mail or a survey. Dr. Duhon requested a master list of vendors and payment status from Dr. Mahan.

Report of the Treasurer:  Dr. Brad Duhon e-mailed a financial report to the board members. Financial highlights include total assets of $140,239.85 with $13,717.76 in the resident fund. An additional $2200 was raised for the resident fund this year. Dr. Kelly Schmidt closed the university of Utah account. There are currently 80 active RMNS members. Dr. Nevin Baldwin has resigned from RMNS. W. Emery Reynolds and Bob Hood are retired.

RMNS is currently funding NREF at $2500/year for 10 years and it was recommended that we add that RMNS is a “Cushing Level” NREF sponsor in our fall newsletter.

The board discussed ways to increase meeting attendance, RMNS membership and academic participation. It was agreed to continue the “Save the Date” postcard and to add a sentence encouraging membership application for RMNS.

Taxes have not been filed for several years and as a result the non-profit status is currently forfeited. Dr. Duhon is working with the IRS and an accountant to rectify this. This almost cost our ability to have vendors at this meeting. It was decided to keep a single accounting firm even as Treasurers transition to help with continuity (Currently Pontiff & Associates in Colorado) It was also decided that Dr. Duhon will file 2018 taxes even though the transition to a new Treasurer will occur in January 2019 at the Winter meeting. Dr. Duhon will also pass on the Quicken Data to the next treasurer.

After a discussion, Dr. Erik Parker was selected as the next treasurer starting after the Winter meeting.

Report of the Secretary:  Dr. Sramek stated that the “save the date” post card was sent out to over a thousand physicians in the Rocky Mountain region and appeared to be successful as we had several new attendees this year. The mailing list was purchased from the AANS. This year’s program contains member address’s and demographic information. This information needs to be updated and this is a project that Allie Whipple can potentially help with.

Report of the Website Administrator: Dr. MacDonald was not present.

Report of the Historian: Dr. Capana brought the “heavy” book with photos and information from past meetings. He is working on digitizing the book as a backup.

Report of the Membership Committee: No new members have applied via the RMNS website but several board members know of potential applicants that have expressed interest. Dr. Dietze will make an announcement at the meeting for potential applicants to apply for RMNS membership on the website.

2018 Annual Meeting: Fairmont Banff Springs, Banff, Alberta, Canada 

            Local Arrangements report: Dr. Kelly Schmidt emailed a handout with meeting details. This was a popular meeting and one of the biggest issues was not having enough blocked rooms to accommodate every one that wanted to attend. The original block had 60 rooms on Saturday, Sunday and Monday and 50 rooms on Tuesday. The actual utilization was 40 rooms on Friday, 69 rooms on Saturday, 71 rooms on Sunday, 69 rooms on Monday and 54 on Tuesday for a total of 330 room nights. A suite upgrade was given to Dr. Hunt Batjer. RMNS had no charge for the meeting space as are food expenditures are so high. A 5% GST rebate on all accommodations and meeting related charges as well as a 50% rebate of the 5% GST on all food and beverage will be applied to the final invoice.

Saturday: Vendor setup begins at 3 pm in the Alberta room. Cocktail reception will be moved inside secondary to weather.

Sunday: The evening event is set at the Banff Gondola with dinner at the Sky Bistro at the top of the Gondola. The event is for 100 people maximum. 2 – 50 person buses will pick up attendees in front of the hotel at 5 pm and the last Gondola ride down is at 9:20 pm.

Monday: We have a local guest speaker from the Whyte museum and Golf at the Banff Springs Golf Course in the afternoon. The President’s dinner is at the Maple Leaf in downtown Banff with cocktail’s at 6:30pm and dinner at 7:30 pm.

Tuesday: The tennis tournament is from 1-5:00 pm on property and the Banquet is in the Mt Stephens Hall

Wednesday: meeting concludes

(Additional details per Dr. Schmidt’s e-mailed handout.)

Scientific Program Report: Dr. Wohlfeld will be adding one speaker for Sunday. There have been a few schedule changes since the program was published and these will be announced each morning before the scientific program.

CME Report: Dr. Seiff worked with AANS to ensure that we meet CME requirements for the meeting. The initial report is that we will qualify for 12.25 CME credits. On the application, it was noted that Data sources for practice gaps needed to be addressed. Dr. Seiff listed 8 – 9 different sources that could be used. This includes Board consensus – as a board, we have discussed upcoming talks and topics which would be interesting to attendees. At the end of the meeting, the target audience will be surveyed to determine future topic request. At our Winter exec meeting, the board will discuss what type of talks to include in the meeting (e.g. Trauma, tumor, etc.) The learning objectives also need to be posted in our upcoming newsletter.

Allie Whipple will submit a list of attendee’s emails to Dr. Seiff so that AANS can send out CME request to all attendee’s.

Dr. Duhon and Dr. Wohlfeld still need to fill out C.O.I. forms and Disclosure forms are still needed from Dr. Seiff, Dr. Schmidt and Dr. Capana (All meeting planners need to fill out disclosure forms)

Future Sites:

            2019 – Dr. Duhon is the local host and gave a presentation on the venue as well as potential social activities. The meeting will be held at the Purgatory resort near Durango Colorado from June 16th19th.

2020 – Site not determined ( Jackson Hole Venues already booked for the requested time frame.) Dr. Schmidt will look into Alaska. Back up’s were also discussed. Coeur D’ Alene was a top contender. Dr.  Duhon would look at this option if venues in Alaska not available.

2021 – Jackson Hole – Dr. Sramek working with the Snow King resort on a contract.

Old/New Business:

New officer elections

President elect – Dr. Michael Seiff

CME chairman – Dr. Mark Mahan

Treasurer – Dr. Erik Parker (to start after Winter meeting.)

Need to recruit 2 new board members for member at large and Scientific chairman

Dr. Justin Davis (Kansas) and Dr. John Clough (Kansas) have both expressed interest in the past.