2018 Winter Executive Meeting
Rocky Mountain Neurosurgical Society
January 20th, 2018
Hotel Vdara, Las Vegas, NV


Call to Order: The Meeting was called to order at 1:15pm by Dr. Brett Dietze. Present at the meeting were Brett Dietze MD, Erik Parker MD, Brad Duhon MD, Bryan Wohlfeld MD, Mark Mahan MD, Joel MacDonald MD, Kris Smith MD, Kelly Schmidt MD, Joe Sramek MD, Al Capana MD, and Allie Whipple.

Report of the President: Dr. Brett Dietze announced the guest speakers for the 53rd annual summer meeting in Banff, Canada. Dr. Hunt Batjer, Chairman UT Southwestern has been asked to talk about his NFL experience and vascular topics. Dr. Juan Uribe, Spine Chairman at the Barrow Neurological Institute has an interest in Minimally invasive spine surgery.

Dinner tonight is at Scarpetta’s in the Cosmopolitan hotel with cocktails at 7pm and Dinner at 8pm.

Report of the Vice President: Dr. Mark Mahan has already spoken with Dr. Seiff about lining up vendors to help support the upcoming meeting. The fee for a vendor table and up to 2 representatives has been $2500 for some time now and the possibility of raising this fee was discussed, However, with the meeting being in Canada, and the additional difficulty of shipping displays and sample products across the border, it was decided to leave the fee the same. Dr. Schmidt, who is serving in the role of local host, stated that we can get a “customs agent” assigned to the group to help with vendors. In addition, it was discussed that vendors may incur additional charges through the hotel for things such as AV needs, etc. Registration for vendors is through Reg-Online with a link from the RMNS website. Dr. Schmidt forwarded on Hotel contact information to Dr. Mahan and reiterated that rooms need to be booked by May 17th, 2018 as this is the date that the block releases. Dr. Sramek will put this deadline in the Spring Newsletter which will go out well before this date.

Report of the treasurer: Financial information was presented by Dr. Brad Duhon. Current Assets are $147,564.01 (Down from $174,564.01 at the same time last year). The 2017 Meeting in Lake Tahoe was attended by 26 physicians, 4 advanced practitioners, 4 residents and 55 exhibitors. The 2017 meeting cost $118,380.20 and meeting income was $87,400 for a net loss of $30,980.20. There are currently 78 active members and 42 members have paid 2017 dues.

Dr. Duhon is going to meet with the accountant in February to go over taxes and will be looking into application for 501 C3 status. The first check has been sent to the NREF for $2500 with the plan to contribute $2500 annually over 10 years.

A discussion ensued about recruiting residents for talks. The timing of the meeting poses challenges with residency graduation and with a high percentage of residents starting postgrad fellowships. Dr. Duhon has also communicated with the residency program director at Calgary to encourage attendance and participation in the upcoming meeting. Dr. Mahan also knows the Neurosurgery Chairman at University of Calgary and will reach out to encourage their programs participation. A discussion also occurred regarding closing the account at the University of Utah Credit Union and Dr. Duhon and Dr. Schmidt will look into this further.

Report of the Secretary:  The Fall Newsletter went out about 1-month month late this year. Ken at Goodprinting retired this year and the new person replacing him took several weeks longer to print the newsletter. The returned newsletters were significantly damaged and so a discussion occurred regarding sending out print newsletters in an ongoing fashion vs shifting to an electronic format. The consensus was to continue to send out a printed newsletter. The cost for the Newsletters was $481.43 including postage for 158 that were sent out.

Allie Whipple did look into additional means of advertising the upcoming meeting including an add in the Journal of Neurosurgery (½ page add $2440 for 1 month with a February 1st deadline for April Journal), A banner on the AANS website which can be geography specific for the Rocky Mountain region and would cost $900 for 10,000 impressions. We also have a list with addresses from AANS of members in the Rocky Mountain region. There are 2163 names on the list and probably includes practice administrators and advanced practice providers. We did discuss sending out a “save the date” card to the names on this list. Allie is going to review the list to see if it can be pared down at all.  After an in depth discussion of the 3 different options, a “save the date” card was approved.

There was also a discussion regarding the computer for the secretary as it is getting old and slowing down. Instead of getting a new computer, Dr. Sramek will look into migrating documents into a cloud based storage system that can be accessed by the RMNS board and will look into web based publishing programs for the newsletter and meeting program. The RMNS membership roster will be published in this years meeting program.

Report of the Website Administrator:  Dr. Joel MacDonald would like the board to test the registration site prior to going live for the upcoming meeting. There was also a discussion regarding updating the website with the goal of making it easier to maintain, maintaining a membership roster and payment of membership dues. We approved at the last exec meeting $4250 for ~ 50 hours of work for this task. In addition, the web service provision contract was renewed for 3 years at $250.

Report of Historian: Dr. Capana has encouraged the sending of photos from our annual meeting and will be bringing the large photo book to the upcoming meeting in Banff.

Photos can be sent to ACapana@aol.com

Report of Membership Committee: Dr. Schmidt and Dr. Sramek have not received any new member applications since the last meeting.

2018 Annual Meeting: The 53rd annual Summer meeting will be held at the Fairmont Banff Springs from Saturday, June 16th till Wednesday, June 20th.

Local Arrangements Report: Dr. Kelly Schmidt put together a comprehensive handout detailing specifics of the venue and social activities. Golf is on Monday and Tennis on Tuesday (a switch from what is on the handout.) Venue for the President’s dinner is still to be decided. Vendors cannot set up until 3pm on Saturday 6/16. Deposit timeline – 2nd deposit of $15,000 due 3/16/18 and Final deposit of $19,604 due 5/16/18.

Scientific Program Report: Dr. Bryan Wohlfeld set up a g-mail account for abstracts

RMNSabstracts@gmail.com and will need to get abstracts sent to Dr. Sramek for placement in the meeting program. Final Program needs to be sent to the printer 2 weeks prior to the meeting start. Survey Monkey disclosure forms will need to be sent to speakers. Dr. Wohlfeld to contact guest speakers for their talks.

CME accreditation report: Dr. Seiff not present. Dr. Dietze to contact him regarding timeline for completion of meeting application with AANS.

Future Sites:

2019    Durango (Purgatory Ski Resort) – Dr. Duhon gave a presentation of the venue and potential social activities.

2020    Jackson Hole (Father’s day weekend) – will look at Snow King Vs Four Season’s

2021    Mexico? Alaska?

Old Business: RMNS board voted to endorse Dr. Tony Asher for AANS Treasurer. Dr. Dietze will write a letter of support and send to the ABNS nominating committee.

Meeting Adjourned at 4:20 pm.


Respectfully Submitted

Joseph Sramek, MD
Secretary  RMNS