2019 Summer Executive Meeting
Rocky Mountain Neurosurgical Society
June 15th, 2019
Durango Mountain Institute

Call to Order:The meeting was called to order at 1:25 pm by Dr. Kris Smith. Also present at the meeting were Dr. Joseph Sramek, Dr. Justin Davis, Dr. Brad Duhon, Dr. John Clough, Dr. Albert Capanna, Dr. Bryan Wohlfeld, Dr. Erik Parker, Dr. Mark Mahan, Dr. Joel MacDonald and Allie Whipple.

Report of the President:Dr. Kris Smith expressed gratitude in everyone’s work in putting together an excellent RMNS meeting and commended an excellent scientific program thanks to the work of Dr. John Clough. He expressed excitement for the guest speakers, Dr Michael Lawton, Chairman at BNI and Dr. Juan Uribe, Chairman of the Spine Section at BNI and their upcoming talks.

Report of the Vice President:Dr Bryan Wohlfeld announced that 18 companies are supporting the meeting with 23 vendor tables. Medtronics has 4 tables. Each table sponsorship is valued at $2500. He acknowledged that some vendors expressed confusion regarding the registration process and that some vendors preferred to pay by check instead of credit card. He appreciated the vendor referrals from RMNS board members. The board discussed the pros and cons of having the VP position a 2 year term instead of a 1 year term because of the learning curve involved in securing vendors for the meeting. We also discussed creating a work flow template with timeline, tips, etc. and a mentoring process as our meeting success depends on vendor support. It was brought up that making the VP position a 2 year commitment would require a change in the bylaws which would be more involved. Other options would be to re-elect an individual for this role. Dr. Wohlfeld also brought up ideas such as tiered sponsorship, and other sponsorship ideas. These were ideas that worked well for the Texas Neurosurgical Society according to Dr. Wohlfeld. Debate ensued regarding the merits of tiered pricing structure for vendors and sponsorships and the board voted in favor of this starting with our next meeting.

Report of the Treasurer:Dr. Erik Parker distributed his treasurers report and went over the highlights of this. Total assets are currently $189,338 with $15,037 in the resident fund. There are currently 80 active RMNS members. There has been one resignation and one retirement this year and 2 new nominees. Dues notices have just gone out and 5 members have pain so far. Total registrations are at 70 for the 2019 meeting including 33 physicians and 31 exhibitors. Vendor registrations total $57,500 and meeting registration totals $16,100. Estimated total of meeting cost is ~ $40,000. Dr. Parker will send out a letter for termination to members that have not paid annual dues in 3 consecutive years.

Report of the Secretary:The Spring Newsletter was sent out to members in early May and the “save the date” postcard for the upcoming meeting was sent to approximately 1000 neurosurgeons in the Rocky Mountain Region. The list was purchased from the AANS approximately 2 years ago and we discussed repurchasing the list every 3-4 years due to address changes and new neurosurgeons to the region. In addition, Dr. Sramek expressed that his 3 year term as secretary is up and that it has been an enjoyable service.

Report of the Web-site Administrator:Dr. Joel MacDonald reported that the “Reg-Online” software platform for event registration is sundowning as of the end of this year and he is currently unsure what the new software will be like and what the fee schedule will be. He will try to capture data from several years’ worth of recent events as this information is valuable for planning upcoming meetings. The RMNS website functionality is otherwise working well.

Report of the Historian:Dr. Al Capanna discussed writing a paper about the history of the RMNS. Dr. Joel MacDonald presented some thoughts regarding this paper and proposed writing this article and circulating a draft to the board members sometime this winter for review. Joel MacDonald also mentioned that Dr. Lee Krauth had scanned the pages from the meeting picture book in the past up until a certain date ( not sure of exact date) so that an electronic archive is available.

Report of the Membership Committee:2 new candidates were previously vetted at the winter executive meeting and will be presented at the general membership meeting on Tuesday, June 18th  for a formal vote. The candidates are:

Benjamin Rubin, MD
Bradley Lega, MD

Local Arrangements Report:Dr. Brad Duhon and Dr. Erik Parker both worked on local arrangements for the Durango meeting. They went over the itinerary in detail.

Scientific Program Report:Dr. John Clough gave a brief overview of the schedule and thanked his assistant, Jesse Tarnow for all of her help in the planning process.

CME Report:Dr Mark Mahan announce that the meeting is accredited for 13 hours of CME. The CME form is in the registration packet. We will also need to hand out and updated disclosure and conflict of interest sheet to attendees as not all of these made it into the program before the printing deadline.

Future Sites:

2020 – Couer D’Alene, Idaho – Dr Brad Duhon will be the local host and presented an excellent slide show detailing all of the amenities that the venue has to offer. The contract with the venue has been signed. We reviewed the room block allocation and felt it to be in line with previous venues. We discussed a sunset cruise as a possibility for the Sunday night barbeque event. Brad is still working on plans for the President’s dinner and the Closing Ceremony.

2021 – Jackson Hole, Wyoming – Dr. Joel MacDonald and Dr. Joe Sramek will figure out a time to do a site visit sometime this fall. The venue is the Snow King Lodge and the venue contract has been signed.

2022 – Alyeska, Alaska? Dr. Kelly Schmidt was looking into this but is not here at this meeting to give an update.

New/Old Business:

Election of new officers and committee assignments

Newly Elected                            President                                 Michael Seiff, MD
President Elect                          Joseph Sramek, MD
Secretary                                     Justin Davis, MD
Member at Large                      Bradley Lega, MD

Continuing Service

Vice President                           Bryan Wohlfeld, MD
Treasurer                                    Erik Parker, MD
Historian                                     Albert Capanna, MD
Web Site Administrator            Joel MacDonald, MD
Local Arrangements                  Brad Duhon, MD
CME Committee                        Mark Mahan, MD
Scientific Program                     John Clough, MD

Meeting adjourned at 3:45 pm

Respectfully Submitted
Joseph Sramek, MD
Secretary RMNS