2020 Summer Executive Meeting
Rocky Mountain Neurosurgical Society
June 20th, 2020
Various locations via Zoom

Call to Order: The meeting was called to order at 12:16pm PDT by Dr. Michael Seiff. Also present via Zoom for the meeting were Dr. Joel MacDonald, Dr. Joseph Sramek, Dr. Bryan Wohlfeld, Dr. Brad Lega, Dr. Erik Parker, Dr. John Clough, Dr. Mark Mahan, Dr. Justin Davis and Allie Whipple.

Report of the President: Dr. Michael Seiff welcomed everyone. Discussion was had about whether this virtual executive meeting would include the business meeting as well. It was decided that the essential parts of the business meeting would be conducted via an email sent to as many members as possible from the president. A motion was made, seconded, and passed unanimously for Dr. Seiff to continue in the role as president until the 2021 annual meeting in Jackson Hole, at which point the handover to Dr. Sramek will occur.

Report of the Vice President: Dr. Bryan Wohlfeld will unfortunately be moving out of the RMNS territory and will no longer be able to serve as VP. He stated that Dr. Kelly Schmidt has offered to serve in this role. The executive committee has approved this, once it can be confirmed with Dr. Schmidt. We will continue with the plan for tiered sponsorships at the annual meeting.

Report of the Treasurer: 

  1. Current Account Balances
    • Checking Accounts
      • Wells Fargo$130,024.35
    • PayPal$3,367.85
    • CVENT$10,415
    • Total Assets $143,807.20
  2. Membership Dues
    • 72 Active Members in 2020
    • Resigned
    • Retired from practice
      • Lee Krauth
    • 26 Members Paid 2020 Dues so far
    • New Members:
  1. Resident Fund
    • $10,987.26 (held in WF account)
  1. 2020 Annual Meeting (cancelled)
    • All registrations and vendor payments refunded
  1. Overall Financials
    • June 2018$140,239.85
    • June 2019$189,338.50
  1. Miscellaneous
    • AANS NREF funding has begun
      • $2500 annually x 10 years (Pd in 2017-2019)
    • Audit
      • Audit completed January 2020
        • Auditors suggested a dollar limit on cash disbursements that could be made without a second person reviewing/signing or having another person have access to bank statements. It was decided that the entire executive committee reviews the financials 2-3 times a year and this should be sufficient to provide the necessary oversight.
  1. Name on account
    1. Brad Duhon and Kelly Schmidt are no longer key board executives needing access to account.

Report of the Secretary:  The spring/summer newsletter is in the process of being printed and distributed. The Fall newsletter will have information about the upcoming 2021 annual meeting in Jackson Hole, WY

Report of the Website Administrator: Dr. MacDonald has set up the website to reflect the new tiered sponsorship levels.

Report of the Historian:  Unfortunately, our historian of many years, Dr. Al Capanna, passed away around one month ago. Dr. Joel MacDonald has offered to serve in this role as he has been involved with the RMNS for a long time. This was approved by the executive committee.

Report of the Membership Committee: Discussion was had regarding new member applications. There were 6 new applications this year. All have been recommended by the exec committee for active membership. Dr. Seiff will send an email out to the general membership to vote on membership for these applicants.

Executive Board: All members of the executive board will continue in their current roles at least until the next annual meeting, except where stated otherwise above.

Future Sites:


            2021    Jackson Hole, WY – Dr. Joseph Sramek, Dr. Joel MacDonald

2022    Coeur d’Alene, ID

2023    Girdwood, AK?

2024    Austin, TX or Tucson, AZ?


Old/New Business: No old  business was discussed. The new business that was discussed was future meeting sites.

Meeting ended at 1:10 pm PDT.

Respectfully Submitted

Justin Davis, MD

Secretary, RMNS