2020 Winter Executive Meeting
Rocky Mountain Neurosurgical Society
January 18th, 2020
Delano, Las Vegas, NV

Call to Order: The meeting was called to order at 1:23pm by Dr. Michael Seiff. Also present at the meeting were Dr. Joel MacDonald, Dr. Joseph Sramek, Dr. Bryan Wohlfeld, Dr. Brad Lega, Dr. Al Capanna, Dr. Erik Parker, Dr. John Clough and Dr. Justin Davis. Present via teleconference were Dr. Brad Duhon.

Report of the President: Dr. Michael Seiff welcomed everyone. Dinner this year will be at Lupo, a Wolfgang Puck restaurant with one of the best pastry chefs around. They put together a nice tasting menu for us. For the 2020 annual meeting, the guest speakers will be Linda Liau, MD, PhD and Fraser Henderson, MD. The local speaker will be  Dr. Jeff Meldrum, professor of anatomy and anthropology at Idaho State University. He has a book Sasquatch: Legend Meets Science, that was passed around at the meeting. It was agreed upon that we would cover his travel costs as he lives 8 hours away even though he is in Idaho. Dr. Seiff brought up a desire to maximize revenue at the upcoming meeting which led in to the report of the Vice President.

Report of the Vice President: Dr. Bryan Wohlfeld will be working with vendors again this year. Tiered sponsorships were discussed and  its was decided that we would use this system at this years meeting.  We talked about possibilities of vendor sponsored breakfast, cocktail hour, etc. However, there are strict rules regarding vendors and food so this might be difficult. Vendors sponsoring the resident award or the guest speakers was discussed, and was widely agreed upon that this was a good idea to pursue. (After the meeting Dr. Bryan Wohlfield sent out an email with more details about the tiered sponsorship). Efforts to get residents to attend the annual meeting were discussed. This included the resident travel reimbursement for the program as well as contacting program directors and residents about the meeting.  Dr. Lega brought up the idea of doing a miniature board review, similar to the Goodman course, to try and attract more junior faculty from academic programs.

Report of the Treasurer:

1. Current Account Balances

a. Checking Accounts

i. Wells Fargo $153,108.58

b. Resident Fund $  10,987.26

c. PayPal $    1,914.35

d. Total Assets $155,022.93

2. Membership Dues

a. 80 Active Members in 2019

b. Resigned

c. Retired from practice

i. Dr. Andrew G. Shetter

d. 42 Members Paid 2019 Dues ($7,225 including back dues)

e. 12 Members at least 3 years behind on dues payments.

i. Draft letter to remove from membership roster?

f. Paypal active on website.  $150 membership fee is down to $145.35 due to $4.65 service fee

i. Only 6 members paid dues by PayPal

g. New applications:

4. Resident Fund

a. 2019 Donations: $1919.50  ($950 with dues+ $969.50 with Registration)

b. Resident Talk Awards $1500

c. Program Reimbursement $3500

5. 2019 Annual Meeting

a. Registrations 76 (100)

i. Physician 34 (44)

1. Member 19 (24)

2. Non-member 1 (6)

3. 1st Time Non-member 3 (5)

4. Residents/Fellows 7 (7)

5. Senior 2 (1)

ii. AHP 5 (2)

iii. Exhibitor 17 (25)

b. Vendor Payments (22) $60,000 ($63,500)

c. Meeting Registration/Payments $19,650 ($26,850)

d. Total Revenue $91,094

e. Meeting Costs $55,983 ($97,576)

f. Net $35,111

6. Overall Financials

a. January 2019 $128,887

b. January 2020 $155,023

c. Net $  26,136

7. Miscellaneous

a. AANS NREF funding

i. $2500 annually x 10 years (Pd 2017, 2018, 2019)

Housecleaning (f/u on items from Summer Meeting):

  • Audit in progress (will have prelim results soon)
  • Travel costs covered for 2019 Resident attendees
  • All resident awards checks cashed


  • Taxes filed through 2018 fiscal year
  • 2019 Taxes in progress
  • 501c6 status – Tax accountant investigating other tax options

Report of the Secretary:  The Fall Newsletter went out in November of 2019 and details a recap of the 54th meeting at Durango, CO as well as listing the new and continuing board officers/members. It also contains preliminary information for the upcoming 55th annual meeting in Coeur d’Alene, ID.  I am planning on putting together another “Save the Date” postcard and sending it out in February. I will use our current list from the AANS for this. We discussed purchasing a new list for next year, and every 3 years thereafter.

Report of the Website Administrator: Dr. MacDonald has switched over to Event Leaf for the upcoming Idaho meeting as reg-online was sold to a new company that was very expensive. Dr. MacDonald asked about information regarding costs for the various social functions. Dr. Duhon and Dr. Seiff will work with him on this. The Abstract center is also set up including the link from AANS for the disclosure statement. We all took a brief look at the website and registration process from an end user viewpoint. The registration process should be more user friendly this year, especially for the vendors/individual reps.

Report of the Historian: Dr. Capanna is working on writing a paper on the history of the organization.

Report of the Membership Committee: Discussion was had regarding new member applications. There were 3 new applications this year. They are Kali Abdullah (UT Southwestern), Owoicho Adogwa (UT Southwestern), and W. James Thoman (CPMG Neurological Surgery). These applicants will be discussed at the summer business meeting. ( A 4th application was forwarded to me by Dr. MacDonald after the meeting. Peter Syre at Colorado Brain and Spine Institute)

2020 Annual Meeting: The 55th Annual meeting will be held at The Coeur d’Alene Resort in Coeur d’Alene, ID from Saturday, June 20th till Wednesday, June 24th.

Local Arrangements Report: Dr. Brad Duhon will be helping with planning this meeting. Coeur d’Alene  resort is the meeting location and is approximately a 45-minute drive from the Spokane airport. Rental cars are suggested. Parking is $18/night self and $22/night valet. Contracted rooms are 30 on Friday, June 19th, 75 each night from Saturday, June 20 to Monday, June 22nd and 50 on Tuesday, June 23rd. The room block closes at 5/10/2020. The details of the social activities and meeting rooms are outlined in the handout provided by Dr. Seiff.  We will have a live band for both the Sunday BBQ dinner and the closing reception. President’s dinner location still needs to be finalized. Cedar’s Floating Restaurant appears to be the top contender as of now.

Scientific Program Report: Dr. John Clough is the scientific program director. Things will likely start to pick up around April and May. The abstracts and presentations of the upcoming meeting will focus on the topics discussed and will include topics on cerebrovascular, spinal deformity, metabolic treatment of malignancy, and other topics discussed to meet the educational requirement of our membership.

CME Accreditation Report: Dr. Mark Mahan is not present but the initial CME application for the meeting has been completed and the next steps will be completed when the scientific meeting is finalizing.

Future Sites:

2021    Jackson Hole, WY – Dr. Joseph Sramek, Dr. Joel MacDonald

2022    Alaska. Dr. Kelly Schmidt has looked into some options preliminarily.

2023    Dr. Bryan Wohlfield will look into “Lost Pines” near Austin, TX. Dr. MacDonald will                        look into options near Tucson, AZ

Old/New Business: No old  business was discussed. The new business that was discussed was future meeting sites.

Meeting ended at 4:09 pm.

Respectfully Submitted
Justin Davis, MD
Secretary, RMNS