The membership committee is composed of three members appointed by the President generally for a term of three years, the third of which is the chairmanship year.

Appropriately completed membership applications shall be in the hands of the Secretary at least four months before the date of the Annual Meeting (usually by the end of February).

Each committee member will receive copies of applications submitted for the current year from the Secretary. The chairman should communicate and confirm with the secretary receipt of all proposed applications at this time.

After review and investigation of the completed applications, the name of appropriately qualified applicants will then be submitted by the membership chairman to the Secretary in time for publication in the Spring Newsletter. Through the newsletter members are encouraged to submit comments to the Executive Committee on the candidate’s qualifications for membership.

The chairman of the membership Committee then presents the applications at the June Annual Executive Committee Meeting and recommends the appropriate applications for vote at the Annual Business Meeting. A three fourths vote is required for membership election.

A certificate of acceptance will then be mailed to each candidate by the Secretary and his or her name added to the membership database by the Treasurer.

The membership chairman is invited to attend the Annual Presidents Dinner.