(Before assuming office) Determine who has the plaque to present to the outgoing president.


At the Executive Committee meeting, it is a good idea to poll the other officers and determine what dates next January will present a conflict for the interim executive committee meeting.

At the dinner/dance the outgoing president will make a short speech and present you with the gavel of the President’s office. You will then present him with a plaque, make a short speech and make mention of the following year’s meeting location and some highlights that will entice the members to want to attend.

It is a good idea at the banquet to make note of who the winners of the golf and tennis trophies are because you will need to contact them prior to the next meeting.


Be in contact with your local arrangements and scientific chairs regarding the details of next year’s meeting, especially regarding guest speakers and the featured topics of discussion.

You should also be thinking ahead to the meeting location, arrangements and scientific chairs for the meeting the following year.

Write letters to the newly elected officers (eg. Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer) and Committee members whom you appoint (Member at Large of Executive committee and Membership committee), welcoming them to office.


Select the date and reserve hotel rooms, (or plan on individuals arrangingfor theirown rooms), for the Interim Executive Committee meeting in the city that you choose. The site has varied between Denver, Salt Lake City, Phoenix and Las Vegas, depending on the home towns of the Executive committee members who are attended the meeting. It is wise to select a city which will result in the least expense to the Society for travel. Then write a letter to the members of the Executive committee, as well as the Local Arrangements and Scientific Chairs, advising them of the date and asking them to notify you if they cannot attend the meeting on the date you have chosen. It is a good idea to plan the meeting for Saturday at 1 :00 or 2:00 P.M., thus the members can arrive either Friday evening or Saturday morning, attend the meeting, and then leave Sunday morning for home. This saves the Society money by having everyone be away from home over a Saturday night which allows for less expensive airline tickets.


The Scientific Chairman needs to send out the first call for papers for the upcoming meeting.


In early December write everyone who will be attending the interim executive committee meeting and advise them to make their airline reservations (Y class) and hotel reservations for the meeting in January. Ask a local person who resides in the town of the meeting to locate a restaurant for dinner Saturday night after the meeting. If you intend to have the RMNS pay for this dinner, please exercise restraint in prices of the meals. The secretary can provide you with the agenda outline for the meeting. You need to start thinking about details which will be discussed under each agenda item.

The Treasurer needs to send out Dues Statements in December.

The Membership Committee and Chairman need to be reminded to have all completed applications back to the Secretary before the Interim Executive Committee Meeting so that the applicants can be discussed and a decision made regarding them.


The interim executive committee meeting is held, usually on the second week-end of the month. In addition to the usual agenda items you need to announce to the members when you will hold the executive committee meeting at the June meeting. This depends on the location and activities planned at the annual meeting. Traditionally the executive committee meeting is held Saturday afternoon prior to the reception Saturday evening. However, there have been a couple of meetings at which some scheduled activities were held Saturday afternoon, necessitating that the executive committee meeting be held at a different time.


February 15, abstracts are due in the hands of the Scientific Chairman.


Outline of the meeting program is due in the hands of the CME Chairman by approximately March 1.


April 1 the Spring Newsletter containing the meeting Registration Forms needs to be mailed to the membership because it needs to be in the hands of the membership two months before the meeting.

At this time, you need to start planning the Presidential Cocktail and Dinner Party for one evening during the meeting when other events are not scheduled.


By the first of the month you need to be thinking about agenda items for the Executive Committee Meeting and the Annual meeting of the membership.

Write to the winners of the previous year’s golf and tennis trophies (both women and men) to remind them to bring the trophies to the meeting, send them with a friend or mail them to the Local Arrangements Chairman so that they can be passed on to the new winners at this year’s meeting.

Locate the gavel and set it out where you will remember to pack it and take it to the meeting.

Send invitations to everyone who will be attending the Presidential Cocktail party and dinner. This includes the members of the executive committee, as well as the local arrangements and scientific chairman. It is optional whether you invite the guest speakers and their wives; they usually have not been invited. (The last several years they have been included) This has usually been held on Monday evening of the week of the meeting but on one or two occasions, when the executive committee meeting was held Saturday afternoon, it was held Saturday evening. (This was done under the older meeting format.)

Figure out who will co-ordinate the tennis and golf tournaments and present the prizes at the final banquet.


The meeting is over. It is recommended that you write Thank You letters to the guest speakers, local arrangements and scientific chairman and commend them for an outstanding job. Also start thinking about the slate of nominations to present at the next meeting, since you lead the Nominating Committee which consists of the past three presidents. Also review this outline, revise it as needed and pass it on to the new President with a copy going to the Secretary.