Obtain list of invited vendors/contacts and final list of exhibitors from prior VP. Send exhibitors a “Thank you,” with request for feedback, invitation for upcoming year, location and dates for upcoming year.


Visit as many exhibitors as possible at the CNS meeting, checking level of interest and adding to potential exhibitor list if they are interested in exhibiting at regional society meetings.


Initial mailing to invited vendors with as much specific detail as possible on date, location, cost, opportunities for special funding (resident education fund, underwrite barbecue, etc.) Remind them of the unique social interaction that typically takes place at the RMNS. Be alert to any change of personnel or new contact people at the companies and revise the list as needed. Any checks received should go to the Treasurer but keep photocopy for records.


Report to the executive committee on positive responses and any special grants/funds. Obtain floor plan of exhibit space from local arrangements chairman, if possible, as space may need to be assigned. Discuss exhibitor’s pricing structure for annual meeting registration and social events at executive committee.


Second mailing to vendors. Remind them to make a financial commitment by March 1 in order to be recognized in the Spring Newsletter as an exhibitor/supporter. You may refer them to the web site for meeting details and registration information if it is up and running.


Send updated list of exhibitors and any special grants (resident education fund, etc.) to the Secretary to be recognized as exhibitors/supporters in the spring newsletter. Include contact addresses so meeting registration and accommodation materials can be sent to the companies along with the spring newsletter.


Finalize list of exhibitors and send a final information packet. Obtain RMNS hotel contact and shipping information from hotel or RMNS local arrangements chairman and forward these instructions to the exhibitors. Depending on venue, consider assigning exhibit space and include this information in the exhibitor’s final information packet. The secretary should have sent registration and accommodation materials (basically, the Spring Newsletter) to the exhibitors on the list you supplied in March, you will need to send materials to late decision exhibitors or those that did not keep the materials. If possible, visit potential exhibitors at the AANS meeting.


Collect any outstanding exhibitor fees and forward them to the Treasurer. Answer or forward questions from exhibitors. Many exhibitors don’t make decisions til late, so keep trying to get a few more to commit.


Be available the afternoon of registration to welcome exhibitors, help direct traffic or resolve disputes, confirm exhibit locations, and field questions. Circulate to all exhibitors and make sure they are happy. Encourage members to visit exhibits. After meeting, forward invited vendor and final exhibitor list to new VP. The duty calendar should be forwarded by the secretary but make sure the VP gets a copy