June 17th, 2017   1PM
The Ritz Carlton Lake Tahoe


Call to Order: The Meeting was called to order by Dr. Kelly Schmidt at 1:15 pm. The minutes from the winter executive meeting were reviewed and approved. Present at the meeting were Dr. Kelly Schmidt, Dr. Joseph Sramek, Dr. Richard Day, Dr. Mark Mahan, Dr. Joel MacDonald, Dr. Brad Duhon, Dr. Erik Parker, Dr. Bryan Wohlfeld, Dr. Brett Dietze, Dr. Al Capana, Dr. Michael Seiff, and Dr. Kris Smith.

Report of the President: Dr. Schmidt discussed plans for the invited guest speakers. Dr. James Goodrich MD, PhD will be introduced by Dr. Michael Seiff and will be giving talks on history of craniotomy as well as Craniopagus twins and their surgical separation. Dr. B. Gregory Thompson will be introduced by Dr. Kris Smith and will be giving talks on hearing preservation with middle fossa approach and evidence based intracranial aneurysm surgery. Dr. William Couldwell was also invited to talk to RMNS about a Cushing level donation to NREF and will give a talk on skull base surgery and Dr. Mark Mahan will introduce him. RMNS will being paying for his accommodations but no stipend. The local interest speaker is James E. Faulds who will give a talk titled “ Why is Nevada in Hot Water” and will be awarded a stipend of $300.00

Report of the Vice President: Dr. Michael Seiff did an excellent job of rounding up vendors. We were limited to 30 vendors by the physical space. Abbott St. Jude pulled out at the last minute. Jose Tapia of Vertex has not paid yet. There was also an unrestricted $5000 grant from a company.

Report of the Secretary: The programs have arrived and look good. I need a disclosure addendum from Dr. Erik Parker as not all were in at the time of the program publication. Allie Whipple has been working on the mailing list. I will ask the printer to send a PDF of the program for the web page.

Report of the Treasurer: Highlights from Dr. Brad Duhon’s printed treasurer report – Total Assets $162,268.67. There were 75 active RMNS members as of 2016, 32 members have paid 2017 dues. Resident fund – 2016 donations $1450, 2016 awards $1500, 2016 resident travel reimbursement $1500. Discussed need to retain an attorney to help with updating/filing of bylaws and to help with setting up a 501c3 designation. Part of the reason for this is that banks won’t typically allow CD’s without verification of state registration. Dr. MacDonald asked if RMNS has a credit card linked with University of Utah savings account. Dr. Schmidt was going to follow up with linking Paypal with bank account and website. Dr. Mahan asked about setting up an automatic renewal for membership dues. It was discussed that an occasional audit needs to be performed. Dr. Duhon needs to do a 1099 form for Allie Whipple.

Report of Website Administrator:  Dr. Joel MacDonald recommended updating the website functionality as the last update was ~ 7 years ago and has obtained a proposal for updating the website theme including a possible Facebook link. A motion was approved for this with a contract for 2017 of 50 hours or $4250. Dr. MacDonald will manage the timeline on this project.  The member application seems to be working better on the website.

Report of the Historian: Dr. Capanna has the “Big Book” for guests and members to look at during the meeting. He also encouraged people to send pictures to his e-mail: Acapanna@aol.com  and will be awarding i-tunes gift cards for best pictures.

Administrative Report: Allison Whipple has updated the membership roster and has had a good response rate from active members via e-mail. Dues notices have been sent out. New members need to be sent a letter of congratulations and a request for the new membership initiation fee of $25.00. Dr. Kelly Schmidt recommended that a follow up thank you note be sent to the vendors with info for next years meeting. Allie has logged 30 hours to date.

Report of Membership Committee: There were four new applicants to review – Dr. Darbi Invergo, Dr. Brett Whittemore, Dr. Talmadge Trammell and Dr. John Rolston. All were approved to be presented at the general member meeting on Tuesday. Discussions occurred on how to continue to recruit new members and encourage existing members to attend the annual meeting.

Local Arrangements Report: Dr. Kelly Schmidt and Dr. Kris Smith have put together an excellent social program for the meeting. Dr. Smith discussed the various amenities in the Tahoe area. Sunday nights event is a lake dinner cruise on the Tahoe Gal. Buses will depart from the Ritz at 5:30 pm. Monday nights Presidents Dinner is at Wolfdale’s and the Bus will leave the Ritz at 6 pm.

Scientific Program Report: Dr. Mark Mahan has put together a wonderful lineup of speakers. A discussion was had about breaking out trauma CME credit and whether AANS would allow this.

CME Accreditation Report: Dr. Erik Parker has worked with AANS to ensure that we meet all the requirements to receive CME credits for the meeting. 16 CME credits will be allowed for the entire conference. The course evaluation is online through survey monkey. Dr. Parker will send a list of the registered attendees to AANS who will then forward the survey to the attendees. And addendum will be passed out with disclosures not in the program.

2018 Annual Meeting Local Arrangements Report: Dr. Kelly Schmidt is the local arrangements host and the meeting is at the Fairmont Banff Springs, Banff, Alberta, Canada June 16th-20th, 2018. Room Rates are $287 and extend 3 days pre & post meeting. We also discussed having a Med Tech company help with a pre-meeting course (One suggestion was Synaptive, a Canadian Company) Dr. MacDonald and Dr. Seiff agreed to look into this further.

Future Sites:

2019 – Durango, CO – Brad Duhon, MD and Richard Day, MD

2020 – Jackson Hole, WY – Joel MacDonald, MD and Joe Sramek, MD

2021 –  ?

Old/New Business:

Donation to NREF – Richard Day,MD –  Dr. Couldwell to present at the 2017 RMNS business meeting a request for RMNS to donate at the Cushing level designation ($25,000). This could be amortized over 5-10 years.

RMNS Endowment for Residency research – Joseph Sramek, MD – proposed looking into setting up an endowment to provide funding for residency research. One of the requirements would be that the resident would present his/her research at the RMNS annual meeting. RMNS would need to set up a 501 C-3 to encourage meaningful donations. Executive board agreed to look into this further.

A discussion ensued regarding marketing and advertising to increase membership and meeting attendance. It was noted that the meeting calendar in the AANS and CNS journal is free. Several goals were discussed including talking to residency directors in the RMNS region to encourage more resident participation, talking directly to our colleagues and obtaining designation of 1 session as a trauma session with trauma specific CME to further incentivize meeting attendance. A motion was passed for exec members to reach out to colleagues in the region.