Executive Committee 2017 Annual Winter Meeting

January 28, 2017
Wynn Resort Hotel, Las Vegas, NV

Call to Order: The meeting was called to order by Dr. Kelly Schmidt at 1:20 pm. The Minutes from the Summer Executive meeting were approved. Present at the meeting were Kelly Schmidt MD, Bryan Wohlfeld MD, Brad Duhon MD, Joel MacDonald MD, Joseph Sramek MD, Eric Parker MD, Allie Whipple, Kris Smith MD, Mark Mahan MD, Albert Capana MD, Richard Day MD, Michael Seiff MD, and Brett Dietze MD.

Report of the President: Dr. Kelly Schmidt announced the guest speakers for the 52nd annual Summer RMNS meeting in Lake Tahoe. Dr. James Goodrich, Chief, Division of Pediatric Neurosurgery at the Montefiore Medical Center, in the Bronx, NY has an interest in the history of neurosurgery, pediatric neurosurgery, skull base neurosurgery and has received media attention for the separation of craniophagus twins. Dr. Seiff helped secure Dr. Goodrich as a guest speaker. Dr. B. Gregory Thompson is the head of Vascular Neurosurgery and Residency program director at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, MI and was thrilled to be invited as a guest speaker at the RMNS summer meeting. Dr. Thompson has several children that will be accompanying him as well. Dinner tonight is at Costa Di Mare with a cocktail reception at 6:30 and dinner at 7:30 pm.

Report of Vice President: Dr. Michael Seiff has already spoken with vendors regarding upcoming summer meeting in Lake Tahoe. The paperwork has been streamlined for vendor registration. Any vendors interested are to be directed to Dr. Seiff’s email.

Report of Secretary: Allie Whipple is working on reconciling RMNS roster lists from Secretary and Treasurer. Discussed getting an ad for the summer meeting in neurosurgical journals to increase attendance (may be too late for this year but will pursue next year). Membership roster to be published in meeting program every other year (Roster in Program for Whitefish Meeting). A suggestion was put forth to send out newsletters to non RMNS members in the Rocky Mountain region. Dr. Dietze reminded Dr. Sramek that when putting together the program, he needs to coordinate with scientific chair, VP ( for vendors) and needs updated logo from AANS and need’s to have program approved by Katy Meyer.

Report of Treasurer: The Financial health of the RMNS remains excellent with total Assets of $174,365 (up from $166,059 in 2016). The meeting cost for 2016 in Whitefish was $79,938 and income was $104,487 for a net positive of $24,549. There are currently 74 active members in 2016 with 31 members having paid 2016 dues. There are 5 members who have not paid dues over multiple years and are recommended by the treasurer for removal from RMNS – 1. Allan Hamilton – University Medical Center Tucson, 2. Brent Greenwald – Idaho Falls, ID, 3. Paul Turner – University of New Mexico, 4. William White – BNI, 5. Todd Hankinson – University of Colorado (verbally expressed interest in resigning) and Donn Turner – Fort Collins has resigned. Brad Duhon requested that Allie Whipple draft letter to above 5 members regarding payment of dues. Treasurer also to send 2nd notice for dues to members who have not yet paid for 2016.  Discussion occurred regarding $25 initiation fee for new members. A motion was passed that if the new members were not notified of this fee, it would be waived. Discussion occurred regarding award checks to residents and honorariums to guest speakers. Dr. Day took care of honorarium checks to guest speakers and Dr. Sramek sent award checks to residents. Dr. Duhon will see if these checks have been cashed.  Dr. Asher submitted expenses and has been reimbursed but it appears that Dr. Ellenbogen has not sent in expenses. There was also a discussion regarding the resident fund. Currently there is $13,692.11 in the resident fund. Dr Joel MacDonald provided historical perspective – Originally RMNS gave out 1 resident award of $400 at the summer meeting – this was increased to 3 awards of $750, $500 and $250 to incentivize residents to attend and present at the meeting. The group also reiterated what the dollar amounts were for various other expenses associated with the summer meeting – travel and lodging for the guest speakers plus a $1000 honorarium, lodging for the president, $500 for support staff (lodging?) $500 travel reimbursement for residents (back to the program) for up to 10 residents. Dr. Kris Smith was asked to encourage BNI residents to attend. Dr. Brad Duhon is also going to look into obtaining 501c3 status and will need the original articles of incorporation which should be in the secretary’s files. This would allow for members to potentially qualify for a tax deduction on donations to the resident fund.

Report of Website Administrator: The annual contract with the website service provider is coming up. This brought up the discussion of having an RMNS credit card to pay this type of expense in a timely fashion. Current Web site priorities including updating the membership roster and setting up a “dues payment” link. Dr. Joel MacDonald needs a “Teaser” for the upcoming meeting to add to the website. The Hotel booking this year will be directly through the hotel and not through Reg-online due to the logistical difficulties that occurred with room reservations at the last meeting. The Abstract site is built but not actively running.

Report of Historian: Dr. Al Capana did receive several pictures from the last meeting and still has i-tunes gift cards to send out. If anyone has more pictures from the meeting, please send to ACapana@aol.com

Report of Membership Committee: There were 2 new member applications to review. Min S. Park, MD from Salt Lake City, UT. Dr. Park is a partner in Dr. Joel MacDonald’s practice, did an endovascular fellowship at BNI and did a term in the Navy. Darbi Invergo, DO is in Westminster, CO and is a partner of Dr. Stuart Levi. Other applicants can submit before mid March so that the board can review prior to placing new candidates in the Spring newsletter. Voting on new members will occur at the summer meeting. Other suggestions to increase recruitment include sending the summer meeting announcement to all neurosurgeons in the Rocky Mountain region.

2017 Annual Summer Meeting: The Summer Meeting will be held at the Ritz Carlton Lake Tahoe from June 17th -21st. Dr. Kris Smith is the Local Host and presented a nice slide presentation of the site and amenities. We discussed various venues for the social events including the possibility of a dinner cruise on Lake Tahoe. Dr. Kris Smith’s secretary Alma is helping with arrangements. Dr. Kelly Schmidt and Dr. Joe Sramek offered to help in any way for the upcoming meeting. We also did discuss the possibility of trying to increase the block number slightly and Dr. Smith will look into this.

Scientific Program Report: Dr. Mark Mahan will be the scientific chairman again this year after doing an excellent job at the Whitefish meeting. The Board would like to see more resident participation this year. Dr. Brad Duhon will encourage University of Colorado to attend, Dr. Kris Smith will encourage BNI residents to attend, Dr. Mark Mahan will encourage University of Utah residents to attend and Dr. Bryan Wohlfeld will encourage UT Southwestern residents to attend. We also did have a brief discussion about having a pre or post meeting, industry sponsored skills lab (e.g. The Medtronic truck). Dr. Brad Duhon will contact Medtronic’s about this possibility.

CME Accreditation Report: Dr. Erik Parker is handling this role again this year and has the application for the summer meeting ready to go. For the needs assessment, there is the agreed upon need to have a meeting in 2017. He needs the titles of the talks from the invited guest speakers. As there are no longer paper disclosure forms, Dr. Parker will send a link for the online disclosure form.

Future Sites:

2018 – Fairmont Banff Springs, Banff, AB – Dr. Kelly Schmidt has volunteered to be the local host. Dr. Richard Day presented a nice aerial video of the location. We tentatively have a “second option” on the June 16th – June 20th dates, and may have the primary option on the week after. Dr. Kelly Schmidt is going to explore this further.

2019 – Durango, CO –  Dr. Brad Duhon has agreed to be the local host and will look into lodging/conference options.

2020 –  Jackson Hole, WY – Four Seasons at Teton Village or Snow King Resort and Lodge in the town of Jackson are possible sites to explore. Local host TBD.

Old/New Business: RMNS administrative support role discussed. Allie Whipple has agreed to take on this role at an hourly rate of $25/hr. with a $5000 cap/year. Her duties are to include Meeting planning and administration, coordination of membership, coordination of the website, membership communications and as an assistant to the board members.

Potential NREF Donation – Dr. Day had a discussion with Dr. William Couldwell regarding the RMNS consideration of a “Cushing” level donation ($25,000) to the NREF. A discussion ensued regarding the pros/cons of this type of donation. The donation could be set up as payments over 5 – 10 years and would provide additional visibility to the RMNS. There was the suggestion to invite Dr. Couldwell to the summer meeting to give a scientific talk as well as to give a brief presentation to the membership regarding the “Cushing” donation to the NREF on behalf of the RMNS. This could then be discussed and voted on at the summer member business meeting. Dr. Day will follow up on this.

There being no further business the meeting was adjourned at 3:45 pm.

Respectfully Submitted

Joseph Sramek, MD, Secretary RMNS