President Paul Elliott, MD welcomed members and guests to the 49th Annual Meeting of the Rocky Mountain Neurosurgical Society, jointly sponsored by the AANS, in Victoria, British Columbia, CA, June 14-18, 2014. Dr. Lee Krauth did a superb job with his arrangements for us at The Westin Bear Mountain Resort and Spa, located just west of Victoria on Vancouver Island. Dr. Brad Duhon was our Scientific Program Chairman and prepared a stimulating scientific program. Our Honored Guests: Dr. Sean Grady, from University of Pennsylvania , presented 3 excellent talks on concussion, skull base surgery and the One Neurosurgery initiative; Dr. James Rutka, University of Toronto, presented 2 very engaging talks on neuro oncology and leadership in neurosurgery.

The general scientific program, once again, offered a broad spectrum of neurosurgical topics in an atmosphere that stimulated and encouraged open and friendly discussion. This opportunity for unencumbered collegial discussions and the sharing of individual clinical experiences remains one of the highlights and major attractions of the RMNS annual meeting. Our social events calendar was also attended with enthusiasm.

The first place Resident Award went to Steven Carr from University of Colorado. Second and third place went to Charles Hatchet from UT Southwestern and Arianne Boylan from University of Colorado, respectively. There were several residents originally scheduled to attend from University of Utah who were unable to attend this year due to an illness within the ranks resulting in last minute coverage problems preventing their participation this year. We look forward to their return next year Each program was reimbursed $500 per resident to help offset travel expenses. We will continue to do this in the future in order to encourage programs to send their residents to the meeting. This is a change from prior years when only the top three residents’ pro-grams were reimbursed.

This year attendees also enjoyed a variety of outdoor activities including hiking, biking, whale watching, and what may be the worlds most awesome zip-line experience. Easy access to the city of Victoria provided opportunity to experience a wealth of cultural and historical attractions that make it one of the most unique and fascinating cities in North America. It was warm and dry during the day and evenings while the tempera-ture dropped into the forties and fifties at night. The resort provided a relaxed, family friendly atmosphere with great dining options, a beautiful golf course and numerous waling trails on the property .

The annual business meeting of the Society was well attended by the members present at the meeting. The fol-lowing business was conducted:

Elected as Officers by the Membership:

President: Paul House MD

President Elect: Richard Day MD

Vice President Brad Duhon MD

Member at Large: Joseph Sramek MD

Tournament Highlights

Golf Overall

Women: Mary Krauth
Men: Joel MacDonald
Kids: Eric Krauth
Tennis Overall
Women: Liz Jensen
Men: Kris Smith