RMNS Summer 2019 Business Meeting
June 18th, 2019, 7:30 A.M.
Durango Mountain Institute
Durango, Colorado

President’s Report – The Meeting was called to order by Dr. Kris Smith at 7:35 am. Dr. Smith expressed gratitude for all those involved in putting on an excellent meeting at a great location.

Vice President Report – not present.

Secretary Report – Dr. Joseph Sramek expressed gratitude for his 3 year term as Secretary of RMNS.

Treasurer Report – Dr. Erik Parker reported that RMNS has total assets of $189,338 which is up from $140,239 in June of 2018. Physician attendance at this meeting  was 33.

Historian Report – Dr. Al Capanna stated that he will be authoring an article with Dr. Joel MacDonald about the history of the RMNS.

Web-site Administrator – Dr. Joel MacDonald announced that there will likely be some changes in the registration process for next year’s meeting as Reg-online is sunsetting this year.

Membership Committee – Announced and approved  new members

Benjamin Rubin, MD
Bradley Lega, MD

Announcement of Executive Board

Newly Elected
President – Michael Seiff, MD
President Elect – Joseph Sramek, MD
Secretary – Justin Davis, MD
Member at Large – Bradley Lega, MD

Continuing Service

Vice President – Bryan Wohlfeld, MD
Treasurer – Erik Parker, MD
Historian – Albert Capanna, MD
Web Site Administrator – Joel MacDonald, MD
Local Arrangements – Brad Duhon, MD
CME Committee – Mark Mahan, MD
Scientific Program – John Clough, MD

Future Sites

2020 – Coeur D’ Alene, Idaho
2021 – Jackson Hole, Wyoming
2022 – ?

New/Old Business – none to report

Meeting adjourned at 7:50 am.